Campus Monitor Nellie, Ms. Bonillas ‘Hot’ Winners In Salsa Contest


By Emiliano Rodriguez and Juan Romero-Ruiz

Ms. Sarah Barnes, our learning support coordinator, has done it again—inspiring Pueblo’s staff members and faculty to compete against palatable entries. This time, she sponsored and organized a “Best Salsa” contest among our school’s faculty.

On Wednesday, Feb. 21—in early celebration of Rodeo Vacation—Barnes displayed all of the salsas from faculty and staff members.

This year, the 44 judges—consisting of several dozen staff members and even a few seniors—overwhelmingly chose the salsa concocted by campus security monitor Ms. Nellie Rivera for the “gold”; Folklorico and ELD teacher Ms. Carmen Bonillas received a “second place” award.

“I love cooking,” Rivera said. “It’s always fun for me. This contest was more than just a competition—it was a way for our faculty and staff to unite more often.”

She paused and said, “I don’t think I won—I think everyone won.”

Second-placer Ms. Carmen Bonillas said, “It’s not the ingredients that makes for a winning salsa—it’s all about the proportions.”

Bonillas added, “These kinds of contests are fun because we teachers sometimes need to just have fun.”

The good news is that every participant received at least a few votes, Barnes said.

“The non-winners all received certificates—as runners-ups in the contest,” Barnes said.

Both Rivera and Bonillas received gift cards.

On March 15, the day after the official “PI” Day (3.14), Barnes will host another contest among faculty and staff members: of course, pies! Normally, the pie contest would be on National Pi day, but because of the scheduled “March for Our Lives” event, Barnes said that the contest will be on Thursday.

She anticipates that she will have no shortage of judges for this one. Barnes herself said that she plans to enter this contest—although she’s keeping her entry a secret.

Ready, Set… Cook!


By Iram Arce and Brianna Metzler

On Friday, Dec. 8, approximately 70 faculty members, staff and students turned a cook-off into a raffle contest where the chili, soup and stew were evaluated.

Ms. Sarah Barnes, a Multi-Tier System of Support Facilitator, coordinated the event during first and second lunches.

“This event is part of a plan to build a sense of community,” Barnes said. “It’s always fun to pull an event that is focused on food as a way to bring people together in a playful way.”

Tickets were one dollar—allowing one to be a “taster”.

“Diverting from a professional setting helps people get to know one another along with showing off the staff’s hidden talents,” senior Carlos Chavez said. “I think that all of us students like to see our staff getting along and having fun. It definitely humanizes our teachers a bit more.”

“This event was an excellent break from the grueling grind of teachers’ schedules and encourages the staff to enjoy one another,” Barnes said.

Ms. Kathryn Gunnels, assistant principal, earned the blue ribbon—a first place for her chicken and gnocchi soup.

Marketing teacher Dr. Maria Bicknell won second place for her three-bean vegetarian chili.

Mr. Patrick Peatrowsky, economics teacher, won for his “green chili de gringo” creation.

Pictured left to right: Maria Bicknell, Kathryn Gunnels & Patrick Peatrowsky

All three winners received a beautiful apron—from the crafty hands of Exceptional Education Department Chair Ms. Trevia Heath.

She added, “There will be more competitions in the future.” Barnes said that she is considering having a salsa contest and a dessert competition.

Barnes said that $70 was raised, and the money will go into a general fund for future staff celebrations.

“For an event that I sold just six tickets in the beginning, I was very pleased with the end results,” Barnes said.

Pueblo Homecoming King & Queen 2017

by Kyra Ycedo

Roman & Samantha

The Pueblo varsity football team (against the Cholla Chargers) weren’t the only winners at homecoming on Friday, Sept. 8. It was no surprise that Seniors Roman Estrella and Samantha Moreno were announced as homecoming royalty.

During halftime, Roman and Samantha were crowned king and queen, proudly representing Pueblo and affirming a long-lasting school tradition.

“I asked all of my friends to help us out and nominate us,” said Roman. “Honestly, I just wanted to make sure that Sam was crowned our queen, as cheesy as that sounds.”

Queen Samantha said, “I’m glad that I’m able to say that I won something during my high school years. Honestly, I didn’t really think that people knew me or liked me enough for me to be their queen.”

Many seniors expressed their thumbs-up for this year’s homecoming royalty.

Senior, Aldo Reyes said, “I think Roman and Samantha deserved to win. Even though they were the only candidates, I was really happy for them!”

Senior Lizbeth Oquita said, “I’m so happy for them [Roman and Samantha]! They really deserved to win.”

Boys’ Soccer Reined State Champs

By Kiana Gonzales

Pueblo Boys Soccer Arizona State Champions 2016
Pueblo Boys Soccer Division IV Arizona State Champions 2016

On Saturday, February 13, Pueblo’s Boy Soccer Team won the Arizona State Championship game against Buckeye High School in Glendale, Arizona, a deserving accolade for a team that has been triumphant all season long—ending with a record of 10-3.

Junior Alex Urtuzuastegui (and the son of the team’s coach), who played center mid-fielder, said, “This championship game was, by far, the toughest game of the season. I think that some of us really didn’t expect Pueblo to win, so when we did, it was a great feeling.”

The final score of Pueblo’s triumphant game against Buckeye was 2-1.

Coach Francisco Urtuzuastegui said, “I’m really happy for the guys, and it’s inspiring for the incoming guys.”

Senior Efren Robles, who played striker-forward, said, “Everybody on the team did an awesome job for the whole season. Our team members were able to bond early on, and we never lost that cohesiveness. This was our team’s most important strength.”

Throughout the season, the team was challenged several times due to players staying eligible, due to their academics.

Coach Urtuzuastegui said this group of young men has been playing for several years together, so they weren’t challenged by not knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, 10 of this year’s team members are seniors, so he doesn’t have any predictions for next year’s season—he just hopes that the team members have the same amount of compassion and enthusiasm as this season.

“I believe that our team next year will have a lot of potential to earn the right to go to State,” Coach Urtuzuastegui said.

Alex Urtuzuastegui said, “I’m excited for next year. I’ll be a senior, and I’d love to be able to graduate from Pueblo with another state championship for our school and for our team.”

Senior Mario Rodriguez, a mid-fielder, said that part of the magic this year came from the coach’s leadership.

“He [Coach Urtuzuastegui] constantly motivated us all throughout the season,” Rodriguez said. “He said that he almost became a pro soccer player himself, so he definitely knows this sport better than anybody.”

Pueblo Makes A Goal—A Winning One!

Sandra Iniguez El Guerrero Pueblo 2015

By Sandra Iniguez

Pueblo Boys Soccer In 2016 State Playoff 1st Round Game

This past year, Pueblo’s athletics department has consistently risen to challenges and reached awesome success. This has also been the scenario for Pueblo’s boys’ soccer team.

The boys’ team was able to successfully take the win in 10 out of 12 of their season games; as a result of this phenomenal record, the team will be headed to playoffs.

“It was a great season,” said Brayan Urias, a senior who is midfielder for Pueblo’s soccer team. “I think this team has been the best to play at Pueblo.”

On Saturday, February 6, the boys were able to take the win in their second round playoff game against NFL YET Academy with the final score of 7-2. This is the first time that Pueblo soccer has gotten this far with an opportunity to place in state.

“We’ve come a long way from where we started and we’ve definitely changed our mindset about how much effort we need to put in,” said David Greenwood, a senior who plays forward for the team.

Senior Erick Garcia, another midfielder for the boys’ soccer team, said, “Out of my four years playing here at Pueblo, this team is my favorite because most of us have played club soccer together, and that just adds to the dynamic chemistry we have out in the field.”

The boys’ next game is at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 10, at Tucson High School, where they will take on Glendale Prep.

“I hope we are able to bring another state banner into Pueblo’s Lever Gym,” added Garcia.

If the boys are able to win in the semifinals game against Glendale Prep, they will move on to the championship game and will represent Pueblo at the highest level.

“I am confident we can make it to State final,” said senior Mario Rodriguez, a midfielder on the team. “Throughout the entire season, everyone on the team has put in the effort to play to the best of their ability and represent Pueblo with pride.”

Mr. Francisco Urtuzuastegui, Pueblo’s boys’ soccer coach, much like the rest of Pueblo, is extremely excited and proud of how much the team has accomplished this season.

“The team consists of guys who are filled with so much enthusiasm [for soccer],” Urtuzuastegui said. “They have really committed themselves to their practices, and I’m extremely proud of them. I am confident that the boys can take State, which would be a great experience for them and to make it [their mark] at Pueblo. A State victory would  also be a very personal victory that they will remember for the rest of their lives.”

Mr. Campbell: Being His Best

Aliah Luna El Guerrero Pueblo 2015

By Aliah Luna

Math Heroes By Raytheon LogoPueblo math teacher Mr. Charles William (“Billy”) Campbell was honored for being the recipient of the “MathMovesU Math Hero” award. He received the official news that he was just one of 25 math teachers in thirteen states to be honored for this award.

Nominated by co-teacher Ms. Shanti Foster last semester, Campbell learned early last summer that he would be competing in the finals. Campbell was asked a series of questions on an application and his responses determined him to be a finalist.

On August 31, Campbell was informed that he was one of the 25 recipients of the math award.

Charles Billy Campbell Math Teacher Pueblo Awarded
Mr. Charles William “Billy” Campbell

“I feel a greater sense of accomplishment for being honored for what I do every day,” Campbell said. “It’s a pretty big thing, you know? Being recognized for the hard work you do is always nice—and we [teachers] feel as good as students who are nominated for an award. It’s like somebody saying, ‘Good job’.”

Campbell said that he wholeheartedly loves his job and is always striving to teach math to Pueblo students to the best of his ability. He added that no matter what he does, there is always a way to be better.

“Whatever I do, I want to do it well,” Campbell said. “Whether it’s teaching, playing video games, being and playing with my son, I want to do it the best I possibly can be.”

Campbell said that after receiving this award, he felt a sense of knowing that he is doing something right. He also expressed gratitude to his students for allowing him to teach them and that they continue to motivate him to always be his best.

“I feel there are a lot of people to thank, but most importantly, I’d like to say, ‘Thank you’ to all of my students,” he said. “They allow me to work hard with the best educators. I have worked with a lot of great teachers throughout the years, especially here at Pueblo. I am so fortunate to work with and belong to the most awesome math department!”

Campbell received $2,500 for his award, and that same amount was matched and awarded to Pueblo.

Congratulations Mr. Campbell! We are proud of you!