Pueblo Softball Player To Join Pima CC Aztecs

By Priscila Borquez & Alexis Vargas

Belen Camacho

Class of 2024 Senior Belen Camacho was recently offered a scholarship to play for the Pima College softball team (the Aztecs), fulfilling a dream for this young athlete.

Naturally, Camacho’s first reaction to this news was one of pure elation.

“I’m really excited about this opportunity because I’ve always wanted to play with ‘Coach Bekah’, and I’m excited to see where the program takes us,” said Camacho.

Being a part of a new team means Camacho playing in a new atmosphere and learning the “chemistry” of a new team, although she admits that she is enthusiastic about these prospects.

She said, “I’m excited to travel for sure and also just play with a new group of girls and see how everyone plays together.”

Playing softball for 10 years, Camacho said she has high hopes for this new chapter and how this new chapter may contribute to even greater success in the future.

“I hope that we win State, first of all,” she said. “I also hope that down the line a D1, D2, or four-year college or university recognizes me as I’ll get to continue playing softball throughout all four years of my college years.”

Renovations: What’s Next for Pueblo?

By Jessica Palomares & Sofia Larribas

Cafeteria, Library & Patio Upgrades

In the last few years, Pueblo High School has boasted some very impressive renovations, including a modern library, artificial turf in the patio, a much-needed cafeteria renovation, newly updated bathrooms, but PHS Principal Frank Rosthenhausler has many additional plans of improvement.

Rosthenhausler plans to continue the trend of campus renovations including adding art on the front office doors. He also would like to see new windows and doors for Lever Gym.

Speaking of Lever Gym… New bleachers should be added to the facility before the end of February.

To afford these projects, Rosthenhausler stays busy writing grants to find the money for these renovations and finding workers to complete his visions.

“Improving a school is what a good principal does,” he stated.

Baseball In Fall…? Why Not Start Early?

By Alyvette Moreno & Jenna Twaje

As the weather changes so do the sports, including baseball season right around the corner. Although the baseball season doesn’t officially start until February, the team is eager to start. Baseball tryouts are all wrapped up, and the team players were picked several weeks ago.

With not only playing the sport but having six years of coaching experience at Sahuarita and Pueblo for varsity football, baseball, and basketball, Mr. Shamond Hoskins is working hard on hopes of taking his team to state championships.

Hoskins is a combat veteran who served in the Afghanistan war and later served in the military as security force.

Many students tried out for the baseball team in hopes of being selected, and many were relieved to hear they were chosen.

Sophomore Arian Roman said, “We bond together, and we are also having fun playing a sport we all love.”

The team has the determination to work hard but with their losing mindset and fear of change, it could affect them when up against schools like South Point, Mika Mountain and CDO.

“They are dogs in the making,” said Coach Hoskins. “They all have right in them, they just need to learn to fight together.”

One of the co-captains, senior Javier Arvizu, tried out for the team because of his deep love for the sport. He said that he and the other players feel they have a connection with both the team and the new coach.

“We [the players] are close to each other and bring each other up,” said Arvizu.

“The team feels like a family,” said co-captain Angle Iriqui, another senior

Boys Basketball: Senior Night Honors Six Players

By Kassandra Espinoza & Jose Jovel

Pueblo High School boys’ basketball team held their Senior Night on Jan. 29 against Salpointe High School—honoring six senior players and two managers.

Head Coach Daryl Jones has been coaching at Pueblo for three years, so this group of seniors have been with him the longest.

Jones said, “I will for sure miss this year’s seniors! This is the most I’ve gotten to see my players grow due to me only having been here for three years.”

Unfortunately, Pueblo fell short against Salpointe (56-49), but that did not change the celebration held after the game in honor of the seniors.

Senior basketball Captain, Jorge Franco said, “Even though I was stressed out at times during the game and throughout the season, it was also very exciting and an honor to be captain of the team.”

With plans to play basketball year-round with their own club team, Pueblo’s boys’ basketball team plans to grow during this time to have a thrilling season next year.

Senior Co-Captain Jacob Maya said, “I will most definitely miss playing games at Pueblo, as well as playing with my teammates. They’re like another family to me.”

In addition to the six players congratulated during senior night, two managers, seniors Emely Villanueva and Alexis Vargas, also got to be a part of the commemoration.

“As the season progressed, I learned more about the sport,” said Villanueva, “and I am going to miss the team more than anything because they always had such great morale. Even after losing a game, they would still be happy about being able to play basketball as a team.”

Sophomore Breaks Girls’ Basketball Record

by Christopher Santa Cruz

America Cazares

The Pueblo Warriors girls’ basketball team recently defeated the Palo Verde Titans 101-16 with superstar player sophomore America Cazares setting a new school record with 59 points in a single game.

Cazares went 14-20 from the field with an impressive 10 of those shots being three-pointers. She was able to grab eight rebounds, one assist and nine steals during the game.

“Honestly, I didn’t know I was going to break the record,” Cazares said. “I just played my game, although I got subbed-out during the fourth quarter.”

The previous school record was held by Alicia Reyes, who scored 57 points during the 2015-16 season against the Cholla Chargers under the current head coach Ismael “Izzy” Galindo.

This season’s Warriors scored another 100+ points during a game against the Empire Ravens on Dec. 17; the final score: 101-32.

“Before the game, I was very relaxed and confident knowing we were facing a weaker team,” Cazares said.

Galindo said, “I didn’t know America [Cazares] was going to break the school record. I just remember she was in the high 40’s at about the end of the third quarter. Then before I could take her out during the fourth quarter, I learned that she had broken the record.”

With all these early accomplishments in Cazares’ high school career, she plans on continuing her basketball career playing at the collegiate level.

LaVetter Gym Floorboards Damaged!

By Saul Arias & Aubrey Garcia

Pueblo High School’s LaVetter Gym floorboards are warping and causing mold due to a water leak from roof.

It is still unknown what caused the leakage from the pipes, but the damage is extensive.

“The leakage started years ago,” said Assistant Principal Meg Tully, “we have contacted TUSD about this issue.”

TUSD contacted Risk Management Facilities, who have yet to determine a plan and date for the repairs.

“I hope it gets fixed as soon as possible,” said Assistant Principal Karla Martinez. “We’re just waiting for the district to contact us with a plan and date for repairs.”

It is estimated that the repairs will take a week to be completed, and the gym will have to be closed due to toxic fumes from chemicals used for restoration.

“We have to take into account that boys and girls basketball practices there,” said Martinez. “Also, students use the gym during both lunches.”