Baseball In Fall…? Why Not Start Early?

By Alyvette Moreno & Jenna Twaje

As the weather changes so do the sports, including baseball season right around the corner. Although the baseball season doesn’t officially start until February, the team is eager to start. Baseball tryouts are all wrapped up, and the team players were picked several weeks ago.

With not only playing the sport but having six years of coaching experience at Sahuarita and Pueblo for varsity football, baseball, and basketball, Mr. Shamond Hoskins is working hard on hopes of taking his team to state championships.

Hoskins is a combat veteran who served in the Afghanistan war and later served in the military as security force.

Many students tried out for the baseball team in hopes of being selected, and many were relieved to hear they were chosen.

Sophomore Arian Roman said, “We bond together, and we are also having fun playing a sport we all love.”

The team has the determination to work hard but with their losing mindset and fear of change, it could affect them when up against schools like South Point, Mika Mountain and CDO.

“They are dogs in the making,” said Coach Hoskins. “They all have right in them, they just need to learn to fight together.”

One of the co-captains, senior Javier Arvizu, tried out for the team because of his deep love for the sport. He said that he and the other players feel they have a connection with both the team and the new coach.

“We [the players] are close to each other and bring each other up,” said Arvizu.

“The team feels like a family,” said co-captain Angle Iriqui, another senior

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