TUSD’s New Code Of Conduct Goes Into Effect

by Jonathan Redondo

The TUSD Governing Board unanimously approved the district’s new Code of Conduct this summer before the 2023-2024 school year. It went into effect this fall.

This change comes as many educators and staff members in TUSD, including many at Pueblo High School, have been pushing for a more organized way to keep campuses safe.

Mr. Cristobal Santa Cruz, a longstanding and beloved social studies teacher, as well as Pueblo alumni, was a major proponent of the push for a new Code of Conduct, gathering hundreds of signatures and writing a petition.

Santa Cruz said, “Right now, things seem a lot calmer.” However, he added that Pueblo and TUSD will not see the full effects of the Code of Conduct change “until the year’s end.”

Another proponent of the long-awaited change was another PHS (English) teacher, Mr. Gage Stewart. An Area Director for Tucson Education Association, he was a formidable factor for a new Code of Conduct, often lending his voice and mind to the cause.

Stewart said he is not looking for more “punitive measures” or more “police on campus,” but is looking for better ways to “keep campuses safe.”

With this change, many teachers and administration officials are holding onto hope for this new year. Only time will tell how much effect this will have on students, faculty, and staff, and just how much safer TUSD campuses will be for the remainder of the school year.

Mr. Frank Rosthenhausler Named Principal

It’s official, Mr. Frank Rosthenhausler will lose the interim title and will be our new Principal effective July 1. The TUSD Governing Board made the announcement during their meeting held on April 9, 2019.

Mr. Rosthenhausler(fifth from the left) with TUSD Governing Board & other appointees

Mr. Rosthenhausler met with Pueblo’s faculty & staff on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, to express his gratitude for all the support during this school year. He was very appreciative of his administration team composed of David Montaño, Kathryn Gunnels & Steve Lopez.

Mr. Rosthenhausler shares his vision for Pueblo for next school year & beyond.

He finished the special meeting by sharing some of his vision for next school year & beyond. Congratulations Mr. R!

Sedgwick: Keeping It Positive

By Paula Fierros & Samantha Thurston

Rachael Sedgwick talks to Journalism Class

This past January, Ms. Rachael Sedgwick became TUSD’s newest member after a very narrow victory in the November 2016 election. In early May 2017, Sedgwick spoke to journalism students about her first five months in office.

Sedgwick boasted about being an Arizona native. In fact, she was born in Nogales, AZ, although she completed her education in many different places. Sedgwick attended middle school in Pennsylvania, high school in Connecticut and attended four different colleges.

Sedgwick said she has always been passionate about education, and she knew early on that she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, so she began teaching—and did so for 12 years.

On one occasion, one of her professors asked her class, “Why do you want to be a teacher?”

Sedgwick answered, “For the kids.”

The professor replied, “Then go home and have some.”

It was at this time that Sedgwick said that she wanted to make a change in the educational system. Her first endeavor was to apply for law school; she was accepted.

She also ran to become a member of the TUSD School Board in order to help change the negative perception of the district; Sedgwick was the victor in a very close election against Betts Putnam-Hidalgo in last November’s election.

“I’m here [on the School Board] to try to change the negative perception of the district by making the district and people realize that investing their time and money in education is investing in everyone’s future,” said Sedgwick.

Sedgwick admitted that it is difficult to keep one’s political views out of the dialogue among her other four school board members.

“Some people like to use these positions [being on school boards, etc.] to enhance their own career,” Sedgwick said. “We [on the TUSD School Board] need to stay focused on the issues affecting this district. A lot of people view TUSD negatively, and with more work, I know that we can change this negative perception.”

She added that Dr. Gabriel Trujillo, the interim TUSD Superintendent who superseded Dr. H. T. Sanchez after his resignation in March, is one of the candidates for the permanent superintendent position. Sedgwick and the other school board members have barely begun the process of evaluating candidates.

For now, Sedgwick said she wants to stay positive and hopeful—and to pass the Bar Exam this summer.

Class Of 2016 Winter Graduation


By Yamilex Garcia and Omar Quintana

Courtesy of TUSD

This semester, 12 potential Pueblo students will be marching to the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance” at Catalina High School Auditorium on Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 6:00 p.m., along with all other December graduates in T.U.S.D.

Noah Kowaleski is one of those proud seniors who will be attending the ceremony.

“It’s about time that I graduate,” Kowaleski said. “LAZINESS and PROCRASTINATION—with capital letters—were my two best friends. Luckily, they moved away, far away, and I was able to focus on finishing my credits this semester.” He paused and said, “I plan to attend Pima next fall, after saving some money.”

Another senior on track to graduate, Hugo Reyes, said, “Noah [Kowaleski] and I had the same best friends last year—laziness and procrastination. Thank God these ‘friends’ moved, and I was able to stay on-task with my necessary classes and graduate.” He, too, said that he will attend Pima in the fall of 2017, eventually pursuing a degree in computer engineering.

Francisco Enriquez will be part of this ceremony, too. “My mom inspired me to finish. It was very important for her to watch me graduate because neither her nor my father graduated from high school. I also want to be an inspiration to my younger siblings. They should be able to see their older brother graduate from high school.”

Enrique paused and said that he plans to attend Pima Community College to pursue a career as a medical assistant. “I want to help others—it’s important that I fulfill this commitment,” he said.

The Pueblo Community holds out its hands to shake these students who have committed to graduating as Warriors, and we wish them the best of luck in their prodigious futures. The following 12 Pueblo students are potential December graduates:

Jose Manuel Aguirre Jr., Manuel Iram Burruel Leon, Danny Jesse Carpio, Francisco Ismael Enriquez Gonzalez, Irma Aide Garcia Corona, Cristian Garcia Del Villar, Giselle Mariscal, Noah Gabriel Montaño Kowaleski, Eathann Ahlexys Puentes, Hugo Reyes Jr., David Sanchez Figueroa & Alejandro Noel Selis.