2016 Yearbooks Arrive At Pueblo!


By Salvador Varela

Pete Pederson Happy Pueblo 2016 Yearbook ArrivalDuring first period on May 5, 2016, this year’s El Dorado (yearbook) arrived via a giant truck, and Mr. Pete Pederson, sponsor/teacher of the yearbook, was beyond ecstatic.

“I am excited and pleased this yearbook is here three weeks early,” Pederson said.

During the school year, the yearbook class sold 310 yearbooks. To avoid having residuals, there are just 53 yearbooks to be sold before the end of the school year. When they are sold, there will not be any additional yearbooks.

Editor-in-chief Vanessa Molina encourages those who bought a yearbook (and for those who buy on Wednesday) to attend the “yearbook signing” party after school on Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

“This will be a fun event—and everybody will know how hard we 10 yearbook students worked during the school year to get this yearbook completed,” Molina said.

The yearbooks will cost $60, and students will need to put down a minimum of a $20 deposit.

“I hope this yearbook reflects the spirit of the school’s 60th anniversary,” Pederson said.

Molina said, “This is the best yearbook that Pueblo has had in years, and we’re really excited to see students’ reactions when they crack open the front cover.”

The front cover of this year’s El Dorado is especially creative, Pederson said, although he isn’t going to give any clues as to its look. Sophomore Iram Arce designed the cover, and he’s been sworn not to give away any secrets either.

“I am definitely beyond honored by contributing to this 60th anniversary yearbook,” Arce said. “This will be one of my proudest legacies at Pueblo.”

Pederson added that this year’s staff was more professional than previous years, and he anticipates an even better staff next year with nine students. The yearbook class will switch to fourth period instead of 2nd period this year.

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