‘Hall of Fame’ Ceremony Inspires Seniors

By Alexis Vargas & Emely Villanueva

On Sunday, Nov. 5, Pueblo High School held its 6th annual “Hall of Fame” Induction ceremony at the Desert Diamond Casino Conference Center.

Select Pueblo students and faculty members were invited to a morning entertainment by Mariachi Aztlan de Pueblo High School, brunch, and the opportunity to meet all 10 of this year’s inductees as well as to hear their inspirational acceptance speeches.

This year’s inductees were part of PHS Classes ranging from 1959 to 1999 and have carried the “Warrior” role to greater heights in life, many of whom attended prestigious universities and received their doctorate degrees.

Sadly, one inductee, Rudy Valenzuela (Class of 1979), recently passed away, but his daughter gladly accepted the award.

While delivering their speeches, Pueblo students were inspired by their words of advice, insight into personal hardships they were forced to overcome, and return to Tucson after making accomplishments.

Aritza Nunez, a senior in the Pueblo College Preparatory Academy, said, “I felt proud of the Hall of Fame inductees because in learning their stories because they made me realize that even throughout all their hardships and challenges, they were still able to be successful despite facing adversity.”

Another senior in the Pueblo College Preparatory Academy, Paola Salazar, said, “I was moved by the inductees at the Hall of Fame ceremony—their stories and struggles and how they were able to persevere and still accomplish their goals and be successful in their own ways.”

She added, “I will take those inspirational speeches by this year’s inductees with me into my own college career and persevere as they have.”

Congratulations to our new Pueblo Hall of Fame inductees (in alphabetical order):

Manuel A. Amado (Class of 1981), Jody A. Corrales (Class of 1999), Dr. Evangline M. Ortiz- Dowling (Class of 1987), Dr. Jose Ignacio Duran (Class of 1974), Dr. Frank L Rincon (Class of 1963), Dr. Rogelio Samorano (Class of 1995), Juan Soto (Class of 1972), Larry D. Stark (Class of 1983), Edward G. Trejo (Class of 1959) and Rudy Valenzuela (Class of 1979).

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