Ms. Ramirez Strikes Again: Becoming An Author

By Alexis Vargas

As a mother of two sons, a beloved teacher, and owner of Calle Coffee, Ms. Celisa Ramirez is now fulfilling her dream of being an author.

She said that her book is about grief and a certain club, and one enters this worst club in the world.

“When I was 17 years old, the day before my senior year of high school started, my mom unexpectedly passed away,” Ramirez said.

Since her loss, Ramirez has been moved to help those enduring a similar hardship in their life because it is what she feels she needed to do during that time.

“My new goal is to have my book written by the 20th anniversary of my mother’s death,” Ramirez said. “I’ve written part of it, but I still have to have my nana, who is a published author, read it because she’s my peer editor.”

Ramirez said that her students have been her biggest inspiration and a constant motivation to continue working on the project.

Over her years as a teacher, Ramirez said that she loves offering advice to her students who are lacking the confidence to begin their own aspirations.

Ramirez said, “You can be more than one thing. All the parts of you matter, even the parts that you are not very proud of. What happened to me wasn’t anything I wanted to happen, but I’m trying to make something positive from my own traumatic experiences.”

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