Drama Gets Dramatic

By Emely Villanueva

Pueblo Theater hosted a show on Wednesday, Feb. 7 during both lunches and 6th period in Pueblo’s Burnes Starks Little Theatre with advanced theater students taking the stage.

This month’s show was taken inspiration off of the Netflix Show Squid Games and Susan Collins’s Hunger Games. This show took place at a hospital, more so a hospital ward. It followed five “test subjects” with appearances from a doctor. The five subject battle it out to see who can survive the “game” longer.

“I did like the show, something that stuck out to me was this is something very different to what we’ve done before. It was very interesting and fun to perform for the show and just a little stressful,” said Kassandra Espinoza Senior in Advanced Theater.

The five subjects were Compassion, Impulse, Courage, Orderly, and Deviousness. They all battled it out during five stages to see who would survive. The lone survivor being Deviousness.

The main take away from this script, is people that manipulate or are devious will quickly learn to manipulate people and if we allow them to manipulate, they will always win.

“Another takeaway is we need to be careful how we label people, people should not conform to the labels placed on them by others, if someone labels you as something you start believing that you start acting like the label,” said Theater teacher Sarah Sutton.

This show had originally been made and scripted in November but had to be pushed back due to their big December show. They started working on it officially two and a half weeks before the show date.

“I feel like we were prepared enough since we’ve had the script since November, the process for getting ready is a collaborative process you have to put in the effort just as much as your peers” said Natalie Salazar Junior in Advanced Theater.

Ms. Sutton knew this was the right show for her students to act in by analyzing her students. She first sees what kind of cohort she has and reads about 40 to 60 scripts per year to choose the perfect script that will fit her students. Pueblo Theater will continue to have shows during March, April and May.

In March theater will be hosting 10-year alumni show, where current and alumni students will be able to perform on stage, in April they will host musical Good Man Charlie Brow, and in May they will be hosting senior show Clue, and this is also where they will wish farewell to the 2024 seniors.

“Our march show is our alumni show, we currently have 15 alumni as of right now, it’s going to be nice I have students d from last year, but I also have students from like the 2nd year I taught, I’m excited for all of them,” Sutton said.

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