Pueblo Community Reacts Negatively to ‘Fox’ Song

By Xamantha Williams

On Monday, Feb. 16, the song, “What Does the Fox Say”, has been repeatedly played on Pueblo’s KWXL radio station between passing periods in hopes that students and faculty members will get tired of hearing the song—thus, donating money to student council, who is striving to raise $1,500.

The money that student council raises will help fund spirit assemblies, school dances, supplies to promote clubs and sports teams, activities during lunches, teacher appreciation events, and money to send students to leadership conferences and other events, student council advisor Ms. Kari Warner said.

by Dominic Garcia

As of Friday, Feb. 20, student council has raised $245.

Student council president Jorge Ruiz, a senior, said, “A lot of people don’t realize that this money is to benefit the entire school—not just student council.” He added, “We want to continue this fundraiser, but a lot of the commotion has caused student council to abandon the event.”

Senior class president and a member of student council, Maria Louisa Vega, said, “We’re disappointed in how some of our students are reacting. Their behavior has been less than professional. Having food thrown at us at lunch and threatening some of my club’s members has been disgraceful and shameful.”

Vega added, “The money that we are asking for will help the entire student body. I can’t believe that even one of my teachers verbalized her disapproval of the fundraiser—threatening to obliterate the speakers in her classroom.”

Student council advisor Ms. Kari Warner said that administration has been as supportive as possible.

Mr. Frank Rosthenhausler, assistant principal, said, “I love the song and the idea—but not the students’ negative reactions.”

Assistant Principal Ms. Alma Carmona-Alday said, “I think that the Pueblo community should continue to donate in order for student council to attain its goal.”

Despite student council’s good intentions, many students and some faculty members have reacted adversely from hearing the 2013 song  “What Does the Fox Say”, a song from a Norwegian singing duo named Ylvis.

“The song is highly irritating, and student council knew people would get tired of it,” said junior
Yasmine Saenz.

“Annoying is an understatement!” said auto teacher Ms. Marie Little.

Senior Ricardo Manjarrez said, “Instead of aiming to irritate students into giving money, I feel they could’ve broadcasted a message to positively influence our students.”

Some students reacted even stronger.

“Other students have been bullying student council members because of this fundraiser,” said senior Destiny Felix, a member of student council. “This is not true Warrior spirit.”

Felix added, “This first week was a hard week for all of us. Students at Pueblo really need to change their mind-set in order to improve our school.”

However, some teachers and students feel that opposition to this event has been hyperbolized.

“It’s a fundraising strategy and a fun way to raise money for the whole school,” said junior Daniel Motley. “It kind of makes you want to donate to stop the song from being played.”

Photography teacher Ms. Emma Tarazon said, “On Monday, the first day of the fundraiser, hearing the song over and over was really annoying, but the song actually grew on me, and then I looked forward to hearing the song.”

Graphic arts and printing teacher Mr. Pete Pederson said, “At first, I felt like we were the hostages of the radio. Then, when I found out it was a fundraiser of student council, I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Now that students are bullying student council members, I feel upset that our students are trying to squash student council’s First Amendment rights.”

Radio teacher Ms. Sarah Wilson said that she is disappointed at how strongly opposed students and even teachers are to this fundraiser. “With so many horrible events occurring around the world right now—like the 21 men who were publicly executed by ISIS last week—I can’t believe that some people at Pueblo are giving this issue so much energy and attention.”

Ms. Warner added that the fundraiser will continue until further notice.

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