Pueblo Celebrates Dia DeLos Muertos 2015

Iram Arce El Guerrero Pueblo 2015

By Iram Arce

Dia De Los Muertos Yulissa Tarango Daniella Contreras Alejandra Navarrete (kneeling) Damaris Ponce Lazaro Tovar
Left to Right: Yulissa Tarango, Daniella Contreras, Alejandra Navarrete, (kneeling) Damaris Ponce & Lazaro Tovar pose for Dia de los Muertos “altar”.

This past Monday, several Pueblo teachers and hundreds of their students boasted their Dia de los Muertos displays (or, “altars”, as they are referred to in the Mexican culture) throughout Pueblo.

El Dia de los Muertos is a day to celebrate, remember and prepare special foods in honor of those who have departed. On this day in Mexico—usually Nov. 2—the streets near cemetaries are filled with decorations of paper, flowers, candy, skeletons and skulls, as well as parades.

Dia De Los Muertos Display Mr Gray
Mr. Gray’s student display for Dia de los Muertos

On this day, death is laughed at in its face. Many euphemisms are used for death, la calaca (the skeleton), la pelona (“baldy”), la flaca (“the skinny”), and la huesada (“bony”). In parades, children carry marigolds, and music is played and dances are made to honor the spirits.

Dia De Los Muertos Display Ms Mejia
Ms. Mejia’s student display remember the 43 of Ayotzinapa

Here at Pueblo, many students learned about the Mexican culture and the significance of Dia de los Muertos. One student, junior Ana Lopez, said, “Ms. [Cathy] Gastelum really taught us a lot about this holiday. I learned mostly that we should always mourn our lost loved ones, and this holidays is an easy way to mourn those who have passed.”

Another junior, Anamim Yarisa, also in Ms. Gastelum’s classroom, said, “Everybody should reflect on those who have passed. A holiday like Dia de los Muertos makes it much easier to say goodbye to somebody we’ve lost.”

Several other teachers partook in this holiday with their students, including art teacher Mr. Ned Gray, Spanish teacher Mr. Jesus Orduño and social studies teacher Ms. Jessica Mejia.

Dia De Los Muertos Display Betsy Shepard Jesus Orduno
Mrs. Shepard & Mr. Orduño’s student display of Dia de los Muertos

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