Warriors Bleed To Make A Difference

By Alina Cuen

“I’m glad that I could make a difference”, said Damian Garcia.

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, the Red Cross hosted another blood drive, the first of this school year. As usual, our Warriors gladly participated—not just students but also six teachers.

A total of 31 pints of blood were donated, including one “power red” (the giving of red blood cells).

“Overall, the Red Cross was impressed with the turnout,” said Student Council advisor and teacher Ms. Sarah Sutton. “They thought Pueblo was very nice and respectful and were very generous.”

One student who gave blood, junior Damian Garcia, was one of the 25 students who donated.

“I’m glad that I could make a difference,” Garcia said, “and I loved how helpful and friendly the Red Cross was.”

According to Sutton, the next scheduled blood drive will be later this semester, although a date has not yet been determined.

Every Drop Counts: Warriors Donate 43 Pints Of Blood!

by Brianna Ozuna

Cynthia & Daniela

On Tuesday Oct. 3, Student Council promoted yet another very successful blood drive—again, in the South Gym, from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Sponsored by the American Red Cross, Pueblo students 16 and older were given the opportunity to participate by donating blood.

Senior Yamaika Romano said, “I wanted to help those in need. Our community is always in desperate need of blood.”

This particular blood drive is the first of four for this school year. The next drive is taking place in December, said Student Council advisor Ms. Kari Warner. She wants to remind students that they need to have parental permission (signature) if they are 16 or 17; 18+ year old students do not need parental permission but must still meet other requirements (height/weight ratio, no tattoos in the recent past, and other criterion—check out the Red Cross website for more information).

Red Cross Chair, Ms. Allissa Barone, said, “They [students] help our community in immeasurable ways. Their generosity is always deeply appreciated. Our donors at Pueblo are definitely heros.”

Pueblo students are not the only ones who rolled up their sleeves; teachers, staff and administrators did as well.

Ms. Hannah Yoder, a math and psychology teacher, said, “I donate blood as often as I can because I have type O-positive. It’s the most common blood type, so it’s always in demand.”

Pueblo’s Student Council Advisor was very pleased with the first blood drive of the school year.

Warner said, “We collected 43 pints today! Our goal was 35, so we are very excited with how well we did.”

She added that she will announce the next blood drive, schedule for some time in December, Warner said.

Blood Donors Give In Honor

yamilex-garcia-el-guerrero-pueblo-2016  omar-quintana-el-guerrero-pueblo-2016

by Yamilex Garcia and Omar Quintana


On Tuesday, October 4, 2016, Pueblo’s student council held the first blood drive of the year with over 60 students participating in the donation.

Student council teacher and advisor Ms. Kari Warner said that the American Red Cross is always in need of blood for those who are in desperate need of this precious commodity in theTucson community.

“It’s cool seeing students willing to donate and help others,” said Warner.

Juniors Joseph Palomarez and Viviana Cruz shared their enthusiasm for helping others by donating blood and said they plan to continue donating.

“I was blessed with the blood to donate to everybody and might as well use this privilege to donate to others,” said Palomarez.

Warner said that there will be other blood drives throughout the school year if students missed this opportunity—in December, February, and May. Students who are 18 do not need parental permission; however, for 16- and 17-year-olds, a parent’s signature is required as well as a completed packet to allow their child to donate blood.