Pueblo Band Marches To State Championships 2021

By Dayanara Gonzalez & Isaiah Sotelo

Pueblo’s band performing at the University of Arizona on ‘Band Day’. This was the State qualifying competition that the band earned a Top Five spot to qualify.

Pueblo’s nearly all-new marching band has not only made music for our Pueblo community during sports games and other events. Their enthusiasm has been palpable, and students have been very passionate about trying their best.

Their passion and dedication, uniformed cadence propelled this marching band to attend State competitions on Nov. 13 at Mountain Pointe High School in Phoenix.

Out of nearly 200 bands in competition, Pueblo placed 35th.

However, despite students’ triumph this school year, the season began a bit awkwardly—due primarily to students’ inexperience. However, that was just temporary. Many of the beginners learned quickly—as they strived to be their best not only for themselves but for the entire team.

“It [the marching band] had so much to learn at the beginning of this season that I considered cutting the season,” said Mr. Jesus Jacquez, the band director.

He added that even though it wasn’t easy for them, marching band members gave it their all by practicing not only when they had to but in their spare time as they were motivated to become better musicians.

Jacquez is proudest of his students for their growth and for their motivation. For three years, he has been taking his students to State, and this is the best placement his students have performed.

Junior alto saxophone player Charles Foster said, “I practiced in my spare time because it’s a great feeling knowing that I’m not only improving but also helping out the entire band. Making music is one of my favorite things to do.”

Students remained motivated primarily because of Jacquez’s frequent pep-talks, and this support and unyielding encouragement inspired his students.

“Every year I try [to motivate students to do their best],” said Mr. Jacquez. “We all work really hard, and if students want to be pushed, I will push with them.”

Jacquez, who also teaches AP music theory, orchestra, and choir, really enjoys working with his students and wants to help kids grow and reach new heights.

“Nobody knows exactly when students in the band got so good, but they were all excited about making it to the State championship,” he added. “Obviously, we were good enough to qualify for State.”

Senior tuba player/low brass section leader Raul Velazquez said, “We are breathed a sigh of relief to know that all of our hard work and determination was recognized—as we advanced to the State championship.”

Many of the teammates were nervous but also excited and ready to show the world what they could do at State competitions.

“I’m extremely happy we went to State, although it was nerve-racking,” said junior Joey Rodriguez, tenor saxophonist.

Color guard senior Marla Terminel, said, “We [Pueblo’s band] made history this year! It’s crazy-good to be a part of this success and recognition.”

Mariachi Aztlan De Pueblo Psyches-Up For Conference

By Jacquelyn Gutierrez

Pueblo High School’s 17 members of Mariachi Aztlán will be participating in this year’s Tucson International Mariachi Conference (TIMC) later this month and hopefully bringing home an impressive fifth consecutive first place.

The TIMC is a prestigious event that includes participants from mariachi groups all over the country, including world renowned Mariachi Vargas, Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan, and this year, Mariachi Sol De Mexico is coming to Tucson from Los Angeles.

Closer to home, Pueblo Mariachi Aztlán member Carmen Membrila, a sophomore, said, “We’re very hopeful in winning for the fifth time this year. We have a very good set list, so the whole Mariachi group and I are very excited.”

This Conference is held at Casino Del Sol for three days—from April 25 through April 28. The Mariachi’s vary in ages—from as young as elementary-aged students to high school.

Pueblo mariachi teacher Mr. John Contreras said, “We’ve been working long hours during and after school. This [conference] is our main focus right now, so I wish us the best of luck.”

Practicing for a couple months now, Mariachi Aztlán has been preparing to keep up the number one record. For the five seniors in this year’s program, they are hoping for another victorious placing.

“Unfortunately this will be one of my last conferences,” said senior Liam Membrila, “but we have been working hard and playing the songs over and over, so I’m confident about how we do at this year’s conference.”

Mariachi Club president Destiny Olea, a senior who has been in the club since her sophomore year, said, “Between now and the conference, our group needs to perfect our set list enough for us to compete—as well as to remember to have fun and not stress.”

“Regardless of the new members this year, our mariachi group is just as dedicated as ever,” Olea said. “Our passion and our originality are definitely assets to our program.”

She added that the group does more than just play mariachi music. Earlier this year, Pueblo’s mariachi group raised approximately $5,000 for school children victimized by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston, Texas area by performing with other local mariachi groups.

Mr. Warrior Pageant 2017: Elegant As Usual

By Summer Romero

Mr. Pueblo Warrior 2017 Contestants.

On Feb. 10, 2017, Pueblo held is 6th annual Mr. Warrior Pageant for senior males to show the judges what they got.

Contestants had to endure four different events to prove to judges why they should be Mr. Warrior. They were graded all on a scale from one through five (with “five” being the highest).

The originator of the Mr. Warrior Pageant, counselor Mrs. Teresa Toro, said, “They boys went through four major events. First—contestants were judged on a “strike a pose” dance routine; then, the boys had to “survive” a “swimsuit cat walk”; thirdly, each contestant had to show off one of their talents; and, lastly, each participated in the “Gala” event—that is, presenting their female escort with a thoughtful gift; the boys were required to wear tuxedos!

Mr. Pueblo Warrior 2017 Escorts

The pageant is also a fundraiser—to help seniors raise money for their senior gift as well as to award a senior a $500 scholarship. This year, because of all of the money raised, two scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors.

The four finalists were faced with a pageant question to end the competition; according to Mrs. Toro, whoever answered it the best—evaluated by the judges—won the pageant.

The winner of the 6th Annual Mr. Warrior Pageant…? None other than Manuel Enrique Navarro, who won two free tickets to Prom, a free tuxedo rental and an Olive Garden restaurant gift card.

“I love Olive Garden,” Navarez said.  He paused and said, “Honestly, winning was a total surprise, but I’m not going to lie—it felt good to win. Like, whoa! I’m Mr. Warrior!”

Video of entire show:

Warrior Cheer Advances To Nationals

yamilex-garcia-el-guerrero-pueblo-2016  omar-quintana-el-guerrero-pueblo-2016

By Yamilex Garcia and Omar Quintana


For the second consecutive year, Warrior Cheer will be attending national competitions in March because of their performance on Saturday, November 19, 2016, in Goodyear, Arizona, where they scored qualifying numbers—more than enough to advance to the next level.

The Cheer team left Tucson on Friday night in order to be ready to wake up at 5:30 a.m. the next morning and check in to the competition by 8 a.m. on Saturday. The team warmed up for 10 minutes before performance time—one of the first teams to compete.

Mr. Frankie Grijalva, who has been Cheer’s coach for the past three years, said that his team’s success this school year is “a big deal”.

“Despite having a slightly smaller group than last year,” Grijalva said, “the team is very talented.  We need to focus on improving our tumbling between now and the national competitions [in March].” He paused and said, “Last year, the team placed 13th nationally, and I think that we can do better this year. It’s all up to the Cheer team.”

Senior Alisa Gutierrez, who has been a member of the Pueblo Cheer team since her sophomore year, said, “After we seniors leave, I have a feeling that the team is going to keep doing well—as long as they have the mind-set to win. The talent is definitely there. They just need to realize this for themselves. They can reach any goal that they set their minds to. Practice how you perform, or you’ll perform the way that you practice.”

Calista Gonzales, a junior, said, “Going into the competitions last weekend was definitely an adrenaline rush. I was shaking and beyond nervous, but this seems to be what motivates me to do my best.” She added, “I’m sure we’ll do well in competitions next spring in California—that is, if we can all stay eligible.”

Senior Shadie Grajeda-Dabdoub, who has also been a member of Cheer since her sophomore year, said that she feels confident about the national competition in March. “We know that there are tough teams to beat, but somehow Pueblo’s Cheer team pushes harder. Instead of feeling intimidated by these superior teams, I look at them with great respect and apply this respect to myself—which is an attitude that everybody on the team should also mirror.”

Enrique Navarro, a senior, has been committed to being a part of Cheer all four years at Pueblo.

“Cheer is more organized this year, and team members are more motivated because we strive to become better,” Navarro said. “Our competitors really inspired us to be stronger and to be in a league of winners.”

Between now and March, Navarro said that the team will need to practice daily and clean up their routine if they are to be victorious in March in Anaheim, Calif. Cheer also needs to become stronger as a team and said that although competing against one another adds strength to the team, too much competition can add unnecessary tensions.

Alisa Gutierrez said, “I love my team with all of my heart. They are my second family.” She paused and added, “I push my teammates because I know that they can achieve greatness, and I’d never set them up for failure.”

Shadie Grajeda-Daddoub said, “I have high hopes for Pueblo’s Cheer program. I know that we will continue to do great things.”

Coach Grijalva said, “Between now and March, our Cheer team needs to raise money for the trip to California. Other than that, with practice and determination, we’re ready.”

Pueblo Makes A Goal—A Winning One!

Sandra Iniguez El Guerrero Pueblo 2015

By Sandra Iniguez

Pueblo Boys Soccer In 2016 State Playoff 1st Round Game

This past year, Pueblo’s athletics department has consistently risen to challenges and reached awesome success. This has also been the scenario for Pueblo’s boys’ soccer team.

The boys’ team was able to successfully take the win in 10 out of 12 of their season games; as a result of this phenomenal record, the team will be headed to playoffs.

“It was a great season,” said Brayan Urias, a senior who is midfielder for Pueblo’s soccer team. “I think this team has been the best to play at Pueblo.”

On Saturday, February 6, the boys were able to take the win in their second round playoff game against NFL YET Academy with the final score of 7-2. This is the first time that Pueblo soccer has gotten this far with an opportunity to place in state.

“We’ve come a long way from where we started and we’ve definitely changed our mindset about how much effort we need to put in,” said David Greenwood, a senior who plays forward for the team.

Senior Erick Garcia, another midfielder for the boys’ soccer team, said, “Out of my four years playing here at Pueblo, this team is my favorite because most of us have played club soccer together, and that just adds to the dynamic chemistry we have out in the field.”

The boys’ next game is at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 10, at Tucson High School, where they will take on Glendale Prep.

“I hope we are able to bring another state banner into Pueblo’s Lever Gym,” added Garcia.

If the boys are able to win in the semifinals game against Glendale Prep, they will move on to the championship game and will represent Pueblo at the highest level.

“I am confident we can make it to State final,” said senior Mario Rodriguez, a midfielder on the team. “Throughout the entire season, everyone on the team has put in the effort to play to the best of their ability and represent Pueblo with pride.”

Mr. Francisco Urtuzuastegui, Pueblo’s boys’ soccer coach, much like the rest of Pueblo, is extremely excited and proud of how much the team has accomplished this season.

“The team consists of guys who are filled with so much enthusiasm [for soccer],” Urtuzuastegui said. “They have really committed themselves to their practices, and I’m extremely proud of them. I am confident that the boys can take State, which would be a great experience for them and to make it [their mark] at Pueblo. A State victory would  also be a very personal victory that they will remember for the rest of their lives.”

Football Team Ends 25-Year Post-Season ‘Drought’

America Cardenas Pueblo El Guerrero  Xamantha Williams El Guerrero Pueblo 2015



By America Cardenas and Xamantha Williams

Pueblo Magnet High school’s football team ended the regular season with a record of 7-3 and as section champions secured their first playoff appearance since 1991. The Warriors are set to take on the Estrella Foothills Wolves on Saturday, Nov. 7, at 6 p.m.

Last season, Pueblo’s football program set the precedence of a 7-3 season; however, the team fell short of the playoffs by one game.

Senior Jasiah Booth, who has played varsity football at Pueblo for four years, said, “Playoffs is something I have dreamed about since my freshman year and to be the class to accomplish this is such a great feeling.”

The 25-year post-season drought has definitely come to an end for Pueblo, and the Warriors are eager to have the opportunity to play in the November tournament.

Pueblo Warriors Football Ready To Run In State Playoffs
Warriors excited about representing Pueblo at State Playoffs

“Getting to playoffs is an accomplishment in itself,” said senior Jorge Romero, “however, I am no where near satisfied just yet.”

Junior Angel Faras added, “We’ve had one goal all season: [to make playoffs]; and now that we have made it this far, we are ready to fight for what we truly want which is State.”

The team has been preparing for the post-season since late May, and the Warriors are proud to have the opportunity to represent Pueblo in Goodyear, AZ, this weekend.

“Our team has become a brotherhood and I am excited and eager to play with my family in this amazing opportunity,” said senior Justin Pledger.

“We are not some ghetto south side school, we are going above and beyond people’s expectations this year,” said senior David Greenwood.

Senior, Luis Armenta said, “We are going to put all our hearts into this game and go out there and fight like true Warriors.”

Although the Warriors will still continue their season into playoffs, here is a recap of the last five regular season games.

Game 6: Friday, October 2:

Pueblo was victorious against the Catalina Trojans with a final score of 72-0, breaking the school’s record for all-time points in a single game. The Warriors scored in all ways possible: punt return, kick return, passing touchdown, rushing touchdown, interception, and fumble. This was also the Warriors’ first home game of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and all athletes wore pink in support.

Game 7: Friday, October 9:

Pueblo traveled to Palo Verde and took their fifth win of the regular season with a final score of 56-7.

Game 8: Friday, October 16:

The Warriors took on the Pusch Ridge Lions in weather that was less than 60 degrees—with rain and winds of more than 20 mph. Unfortunately, Pueblo lost with a final score of 13-35. Pueblo Cheer continued to rally for the Warriors throughout the cold, wet night.

Game 9: Friday, October 23:

The night began with senior recognition, a chance for seniors to be escorted across the field by family members before the beginning of their last game at Lou Farber Field. The night was filled with smiles and laughs. This was not a night just for seniors but also the night that Pueblo could secure their spot into the playoffs as sectional champions. The Warriors were victorious, with a final score of 73-41 against the Empire Ravens, once again breaking the school record for most points scored in a single game.

Game 10: Friday, October 30:

The last game of the regular season for the Warriors was against the Santa Rita Eagles, and the Warriors took the win with a final score of 55-6.

Now, it’s time for the Warriors to advance to the State playoffs, and we all cheer them on. On Saturday, Nov. 7, students and the Pueblo community are encouraged to travel to Goodyear, AZ, on the “Spirit Bus” to give our team some hometown support. The bus trip will cost $10, and another $8 for admission into the game. The bus will leave at 3:15 p.m. at Pueblo, and will return to Pueblo at approximately 11:30. Support our football team!