Ready, Set… Cook!


By Iram Arce and Brianna Metzler

On Friday, Dec. 8, approximately 70 faculty members, staff and students turned a cook-off into a raffle contest where the chili, soup and stew were evaluated.

Ms. Sarah Barnes, a Multi-Tier System of Support Facilitator, coordinated the event during first and second lunches.

“This event is part of a plan to build a sense of community,” Barnes said. “It’s always fun to pull an event that is focused on food as a way to bring people together in a playful way.”

Tickets were one dollar—allowing one to be a “taster”.

“Diverting from a professional setting helps people get to know one another along with showing off the staff’s hidden talents,” senior Carlos Chavez said. “I think that all of us students like to see our staff getting along and having fun. It definitely humanizes our teachers a bit more.”

“This event was an excellent break from the grueling grind of teachers’ schedules and encourages the staff to enjoy one another,” Barnes said.

Ms. Kathryn Gunnels, assistant principal, earned the blue ribbon—a first place for her chicken and gnocchi soup.

Marketing teacher Dr. Maria Bicknell won second place for her three-bean vegetarian chili.

Mr. Patrick Peatrowsky, economics teacher, won for his “green chili de gringo” creation.

Pictured left to right: Maria Bicknell, Kathryn Gunnels & Patrick Peatrowsky

All three winners received a beautiful apron—from the crafty hands of Exceptional Education Department Chair Ms. Trevia Heath.

She added, “There will be more competitions in the future.” Barnes said that she is considering having a salsa contest and a dessert competition.

Barnes said that $70 was raised, and the money will go into a general fund for future staff celebrations.

“For an event that I sold just six tickets in the beginning, I was very pleased with the end results,” Barnes said.