Barbosa Becomes ‘Mr. Pueblo Warrior’ 2015

By Gabriela Gastelum

Mr. Pueblo Warrior 2015 Contestants

The 4th annual “Mr. Pueblo Warrior” pageant generated great enthusiasm and professionalism on Friday, Feb. 13, in the auditorium.

As in the previous three years, 10 male contestants from the senior class representing different clubs all competed for the title. In the end—after dynamic, original performances—Santos Barbosa humbly accepted the crown.

Ms. Sarah Wilson (radio teacher) and Mr. Jesus Orduño (Spanish teacher) emceed the event, and senior Julie Harrison was the student host.

Mr. Pueblo Warrior 2015 Escorts

All contestants had the privilege of having a female escort, and the contestants showcased their talents, as well as competed in a “swimsuit” segment. Each contestant presented his escort with a meaningful, heart-felt gift, making the judges’ final decision very challenging.

Santos Barbosa

In the end, the judges chose the final four: (4) Matthew Raper; (3) Jose Angel Toro; Victor Garcia (the runner-up), and the victor, Santos Barbosa.

Barbosa said, “My experience for the pageant was beast! It was a real blessing to spend time with my family and friends, and I put a lot of hard work and effort towards it.” He paused and added, “I felt really excited and unexpected when I won the pageant—the competition was really challenging.”

Third placer Jose Toro said, “The entire evening was really great! I had a good time presenting my stand-up comedy act, and I’m really glad people enjoyed it and laughed at my jokes. I was a little worried that nobody would laugh.” Toro added, “I really thought that I wasn’t going to place in the Top Three, so I was really surprised.”

All of the contestants expressed their own form of victory.

“Although I joined the competition late, I had a lot of fun,” said Albert Nieblas. “In the end, I feel that Santos was a great competitor and definitely earned the crown.” He added, “I think the Mr. Warrior Pageant should be continued as long as Pueblo High School is up and running”

Mr. Augustine Romero, Pueblo’s principal, said that he enjoyed watching his first Mr. Warrior pageant. “The pageant was a great experience! I am glad that I was able to share this event with my family and friends. It’s clear that a lot of hard work went into the preparation of this pageant. It was amazing!”

Two Place At 2015 Division III State Wrestling Championships

This past weekend we took the 3 state qualifiers to the Division III State Wrestling Championships. They were Christian Felix at 128 lbs, Billy Bertsch at 154 lbs. and Will Smith at 285 lbs.

With these three wrestlers we managed to finish 24th out of 48 teams.

5th Place for Christian Felix at 128lbs.

Christian Felix won his final match of the season to finish in 5th place.

6th Place for Will Smith at 285lbs.

Will Smith finished in 6th place!

Christian has been knocking on the door the last two years, falling short of placing by one match. He finally broke in. This was Will’s first year wrestling and to finish in 6th place at the State Tournament is quite an accomplishment!

Please congratulate these young men for a job well done & a great season!

Free Super Bowl Tickets For Lucky Warrior!

By Gabriela Gastelum and Isaac Montiel

Cesar Rivera surprised with Superbowl tickets!

Our very own Warrior, senior Cesar Rivera, was totally surprised with Super Bowl XLIX (49) tickets—as well as vouchers for transportation costs.

Comcast NBC Universal and The Boys and Girls Club of Tucson teamed to make one deserving member’s dream come true with two tickets to the Super Bowl; and, on Friday, Jan. 16, that lucky person was Cesar Rivera.

Rivera said, “I was just sitting in the background waiting to get interviewed until a guy just came up to me with two tickets telling me that I’m going to the Super Bowl. Of course, without any hesitations, I said ‘YES!’” He paused and added, “With my other ticket, I took my dad.”

Rivera said that the two-hour trip to Glendale, Ariz., was very “adventurous”—in fact, he said, “ “It was sick!”, referring to his intense enthusiasm for the experience.

“I met so many NFL players such as Larry Fitzgerald, Odell Beckham, Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers and Colin Kaepernick.”

Cesar Rivera met some of his favorite players at the Superbowl

Rivera said that he and his father left Tucson on the Thursday before the Super Bowl and returned home on Monday, the day after the event.

“My dad and I took a tour of the Cardinal football field,” Rivera said, “and then we went tailgating before heading to the big game. We were seated near the [Seattle] Seahawks’ end zone, although there were a lot of [New England] Patriots fans around me.” Rivera said, “I even got to see the fight that went down between the two teams!”

Rivera said that despite all of the excitement he experienced, the most amazing moment was being in the front row seats to the NFL honors show.

“It’s like being at the Grammy’s,” Rivera said. “But instead of music, great NFL players were being honored.”

He added, “Since it was my first time attending the honors award show, I didn’t know we were supposed to be dressed fancy, so my dad and I went right away to rent some neat tuxedos.”

Cesar Rivera will never forget Superbowl XLIX

Student Advances to Spring ‘Bee’ Finals

By Gabriela Gastelum

Bernadette Romero Wins Pueblo Bee in 2014

The annual Vocabulary Bee was the buzz earlier this semester, and on Nov. 24, two Pueblo Magnet High School students competed—sophomore Valentino Lugo, and the victor, junior Bernadette Romero.

According to counselor Ms. Teresa Toro, the Academic Scholar Club wants to address the need for the students to use the most frequently used words on the SAT/ACT in order to help them be more successful for higher college-entrance exam scores and also to increase their diction in all writing assignments.

“Last year, I lost the Bee,” Romero said, “so I’ve been studying ever since because I really wanted to be the champion this school year. For the past year, I’ve been practicing using all the words in sentences—and I even tried to use these words on a daily basis.” She paused and added, “I felt very successful as the Vocabulary Bee champion this semester.”

“The Vocabulary Bee started with great support, but unfortunately, the enthusiasm seemed to wane,” Toro said. “Maybe we can generate more enthusiasm next year because we really want our students to increase their word choice.”

Toro said, “This contest is not a traditional spelling bee. Students are not required to spell the vocabulary word. But, they do have to enunciate the words, know their definitions and be able to utilize the words in sentences.”
She added that it’s not too early to promote interest for next year’s Vocabulary Bee, and if students are interested in participating, they should find a teacher-mentor who would like to spend time preparing them for the next Vocabulary Bee in the fall of 2015.

Romero has been rewarded with a Samsung Galaxy tablet and will have the opportunity to have lunch with her mentor and Pueblo’s principal Dr. Augustine Romero, on Wednesday, Dec. 17.

Mr. Jesus Orduño, Romero’s teacher mentor, was awarded a tote bag full of school supplies.

King Zelin and Queen Gelsey Crowned at Homecoming

By Ezra Valenzuela

Homecoming celebrations would not be complete without the traditional crowning of our king and queen—Pueblo’s royalty. This year’s contenders were seniors Sergio Cordova, Sabrina Parra, Zelin Pallanes and Gelsey Grijalva.

During halftime, our Warriors’ choice was announced: King Zelin and Queen Gelsey!

Grijalva, who is a member of the Spirit Line, accepted the crown with great surprise.

“I felt excited to be chosen as my school’s homecoming queen because it’s such a great tradition!” Grijalva said. “Becoming queen was such an honor especially at the last home football game during our awesome winning season.”

She paused and added, “This is the last home [football] game that I’ll ever attend as a Pueblo student, so the entire night was very sentimental and especially memorable. I’ll never forget the magic in the air—not only to be voted queen but also to be a part of this triumphant season at Pueblo.”

Homecoming King Zelin Pallanes said, “I was totally surprised that my peers would vote for me, so I am definitely humbled by the entire experience.”

“My crown is going to remain a treasure in my life,” Pallanes said. “It means a lot to me that I won during the last home game of this triumphant football season.”

For the rest of the evening, Pallanes and Grijalva cheered on their Warrior team. In the end, Pueblo defeated Empire by a score of 47-27.

To view complete picture gallery of Homecoming 2014: Click Here

Road Warriors Participate In Tour de Tucson 2013

Road Warriors pose for picture after ride.

Our very own Road Warriors participated in a rainy & chilly Tour de Tucson on Saturday, November 23, 2013.

The Road Warriors Club has been in existence since 2001 and every year since, Pueblo has been represented at El Tour de Tucson.  Please congratulate the following student riders and faculty volunteers  who rode in such inclement weather that day.

Road Warriors pose with faculty volunteers after event.

Here’s the results:

57 Miles
Luis Moctezuma Del Toro 3:54:18 (327-1002)
Michael Warner 4:07:21 (414-1002)
Kari Warner 4:59:07 (710-1002)

38 Miles
Nathaniel Gonzales 2:47:38 (205-953)
Amy Kijewski 2:50:29 (240-953)
Nathaniel Adams 2:50:29 (241-953)
Christian Quiñones 3:22:51 (482-953)

Road Warriors during their practice rides.