What Warriors Want For Christmas 2021!

Compiled by Advanced Journalism Students

Wish List

Jose Resendez (Senior): I want a MacBook so I can have a new, better-working computer.

Samantha Martinez (Senior): AirPods because they are nice.

Mr. J. Gunnels: I want a new fishing rod so I can fish better.

Ms. Bodanyi: I want a day to myself so I can relax and not worry about my kids.

Mr. Santa-Cruz: I want an inflater so I don’t have to spend any more money on a gas pump. I’ll be doing the job myself!

Victor Cortez (Sophomore): I want a PS5 so I could have a better playing experience.

Sebastian Garcia (Sophomore): I’d love to have a watch because I like fancy accessories, and I want to know the time without asking anyone.

Ms. Lowry: I want to spoil myself and get a Tesla!

David Canez (Senior): I want a skateboard because it would be nice to have and fun to ride around on.

Natalie Trujilo (Junior): I want some pink shoes because they will look good with my outfits.

Victoria Borquez (Freshman): I want Crocs because if you’re not “crocin’”, you’re not rockin’.

Gage Tellez (Sophomore): I want clothes and a set of accessories because I’ve been needing some as well as some comfortable shoes like Crocs.

Mr. Jacquez: I only want one thing for Christmas, and it’s not a thing. I want all my students to be okay.

Gabriel Aguayo (Junior): I want menudo because it’s the best Mexican soup of all time.

Gustavo Valverde (Sophomore): I want a motor for my car so I could boot it up.

Bryan Melendez (freshman): I want brown sugar Pop-Tarts!

Raul Velasquez (Senior): I want a Dead Rose t-shirt because their music goes hard.

Lexi Bermudez (Junior): For Christmas I want a Sketchbook because I need a new one.

Erycka Morales (senior): Anything Harry Styles-related because I love Harry Styles.

Ms. Wallace: Chocolate because it releases dopamine and brings me joy.

Ms. Brown: I want books and anything with Supernatural because I love reading about the Supernatural.

Adelise Buelina (Junior): I want shoes, bracelets, clothing and piercings.

Alexandra Dresser (Junior): Food, socks, and makeup because I need them.

Christopher Jackson (Junior): I want white slip-on Vans because I need new shoes.

Adrian Gonzales (Junior): I want new Nintendo Switch controllers because I need those to play.

Leah Lopez (Senior): Jewelry! I really like it and I’ve been wanting more for a long time.

Arianna Chavez (Sophomore): I really want some new shoes.

Mr. Borland: iPad. I have been wanting one for a while.

Natalia Arteaga (Junior): I want a pig because my boyfriend has a pig and I want one too.

Gyiana Madero (Freshman): I want Snowflakes from Bath and Body because they smell nice and they’re calming.

Jiselle Iadriere (Freshman): I want a pitbull to keep my other dog company.

Jazlynne Fernandez (Freshman): I want sweats because they are comfy.

Mia Rodriguez (Junior): I want clothes because I don’t have enough.

Kaleb Simon (Junior): I want some shoes because they are nice.

Rylie Fernandez (Senior): I want LED lights so I could vibe.

Gladis Miranda (Senior): I want a transmission because mine is messed up.

Soraya Hong (Senior): I want money so I could buy anything I want.

Mya Rosas (Junior): I would really like some new shoes.

Diego Ramirez (Junior): I want a football because I love the sport.

Yael Aganza (Freshman): I want money to go on a shopping spree.

Ms. Ramirez (AVID teacher): A fridge because I need a new one.

Nathalia Gamez (Sophomore): some white blazes because I really want them. Jimmy Quintero (Senior): I would like a new iPhone. Mine is too cracked.

Miguel Morcina (Junior) Some OBJ customized cleats.

Juan Baldenegro (Senior): A new car because mine is getting worn out and makes weird noises.

Celeste Linero (Junior): A house so I could finally move out of Tucson.

Jimmy Mendez (Senior): I want a new hat to add to my collection.

Caitlyn Foster (Sophomore): I want clothes because I like putting outfits together.

Sadie Avalos (Junior): I want makeup because it’s how I express myself.

Carissa Carbajal (Senior): I want a big, soft blanket because all of my blankets are too small.

Isabella Hollcraft (Junior): Snacks because it’s cheap, easy to get, and they’re my favorite.

Esmeralda Macias (Junior): I would love shoes. I’m obsessed with them and they can change the way my outfits look.

Mia Romero (Junior): I want an Ariat Jacket because I get cold and I like the brand.

Yaris Mary Patrida (Senior): What I want for Christmas is to spend time with my family since I don’t live with them, and it’s hard to see them. I miss them.

Emily Sotelo (Senior): I want to spend a day with my dad because I hardly see them.

Jessica Navarrete (Junior): I want more hats because I only have three.

Xitlaly Acuña (Junior): Perfume because I like the smell and I like to smell good.

Maritza Arredono (Freshman): I want better health.

Jose Nogori (Freshman): I want extra money for a steam deck.

Christopher Santa Cruz (Freshman): I want some cool grey 11’s.

Juan Tapia (Freshman): Quiero botas nueva.

Brian Romero (Senior): Quiero un terreno.

Mr. Campbell (Math teacher): I want a router.

Sebastian Marine (Freshman): I want $10.

Karyme Estil (Senior): Shoes – I want some new ones.

Marissa Solis (Senior): I want an apple watch.

Ms. Emma Oetting (Photography teacher): For Christmas, I want a relaxing and enjoyable time with my family.

Mr. Ernesto Somoza (Graphic design teacher): Peace of mind is always what I want for Christmas—especially after this crazy-busy semester. I want to spend some much-needed time with family and friends, eat amazing food and maybe go hiking.

Ms. Lyndsey Bojorquez (AVID teacher): I want silence for Christmas.

Johnny Fuentes (Junior): I want a break from work!

Zaith Medrano (freshman): I want my Chevy Malibu fixed!

Mr. Rana Medhi: I want Florida and Texas to secede from the union. Forever.

Angela Duarte (Junior): I want a raise at work [soccer coach].

Dr. Mario Reyes: I want continued good health for Christmas.

Mr. David Montano (Assistant Principal): I want a $500,000 winning lottery ticket!

Alacard Newell (Freshman): I want Fallout 3: GOTY edition P53. Or, I want $30,000.

Ms. Nora Monge (Campus security): I want a mature black horse.

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