Who Do You Love Most?, 2024 Edition

by Alyvette Moreno & Kassandra Espinoza

Each February, El Guerrero journalists ask random students/ faculty and staff members to answer the question: “Who do you love the most?” Here is a compilation of responses for 2024:

Sergio Lopez (senior): “Food.”

Jet Fausto (junior): “Myself.”

Marianna Molina (senior): “My mommy.”

Ms. Jeniffer Mayersohn (Assistant Principal): “My baby girl.”

Ms. Karla Martinez (Assistant Principal): “My husband and three kids.”

Nebai Merino (Senior): “My cat.”

Edward Gomez (senior): “My mother”

Kinora Wilson (junior): “My brother.”

Ms. Sarah Sutton (Theater teacher): “Myself, I go first before everyone else.”

Mr. William Hill (English teacher): “My spouse Debbie.”

Ms. Marsha-Jean Burrola (PHS librarian): “Bella (my dog) and my parents.”

Juju Ballesteros (senior): “My girlfriend.”

David Alvarez (freshman): “My dog.”

Natalia Ochoa (senior): “My sister.”

Louisa Serran (senior): “My cat.” Cristian Tellez (senior): “Me, Myself and I.”

Emily Villanueva (senior): “My friends and Mommy.”

Jose Jovel (senior): “My best friend, Serigo Lopez.”

Jonathan Redondo (senior): “My Mommy.”

Klarissa Lopez (senior): “My best friend and boyfriend.”

Daniel Almeiva (senior): “My parents.”

Bianca Inzuza (senior): “My older sister and myself.”

Estevon Osuna (senior): “My dog.”

Isai Soto (senior): “My mom.”

Mr. Josiah Lopez (monitor): “Myself.”

Mr. Esteban Manriquez (Algebra teacher): “My family and my best friend Diego.”

Ms. Martha Avila-Miranda (geometry teacher): “Jesus Christ and my family.”

Andres Gaspar (senior): “The boys.”

Alex Arguelles (senior): “My girlfriend.”

Diego Montijo (junior): “My cat, Cosmo.”

Xavier Valenzuela (senior): “God.

Mariachi Aztlan Joins Pro Group For Christmas Concert

By Alexis Vargas

The Grammy-winning, fifth generation, and world-famous Mariachi Sol de Mexico de Jose Hernandez, visited Tucson on Dec. 15, for their annual “Merry-Achi Christmas Show” at the Fox Theatre.

It has been four years since Mariachi Aztlán de Pueblo High School was invited to perform alongside the professional mariachi group, and PHS Mariachi director Mr. John Contreras described the very special feelings he experienced.

“I know Jose Hernandez’ [the musical director’s] expectations as a musician that has grown up listening and learning from him and knew that we had our work cut out for us to be able to impress him and the members of Sol de Mexico,” said Contreras.

In preparation, Mariachi Aztlán learned three of the mariachi’s arranged pieces, including the well-known Christmas carol, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.”

Clarissa Salinas, a senior violinist, said, “Performing was definitely exciting, but as the day arrived, the nerves really kicked in. Nonetheless, it was an honor to play with them and experience the concert live.”

Everybody interviewed for this story felt thrilled to be playing alongside their favorite professional mariachi ensemble.

Armonía section leader Jorge Ramirez expressed how he felt playing the final pieces to conclude the show, including “El Son de la Negra” and “Viva México.”

“The faces of the audience reminded me of why I love being a mariachi,” he said. “Even with these songs being mariachi standards, there’s such a difference when they are performed by professionals.”

CBI Warriors Strike A Pose On Halloween

By Adam Bonillas

Students (and teachers, too!) love it when Halloween falls on a school day (this year, a Tuesday)—as they have the opportunity of boasting some very creative costumes to their peers and teachers.

This year was no exception.

Some of the most Halloween-spirited students were PHS’s CBI students, who definitely showed off their costumes to the Pueblo community.

CBI teacher Mr. David Hooper said, “Our [CBI] kids had a great time playing different games on Halloween and at the dance—as well as showing off their great costumes.”

Warriors’ Christmas 2022 Wish List

Compiled by Victoria Cazares

Every year, El Guerrero asks the Warrior Family for their Christmas wish list; this is this season’s list—and, like most lists in recent years, most want clothes and/or electronics.

Juju Ballesteros (junior): “I’d like to have some Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s.”

Ms. Claudia Valenzuela (Drop-Out Intervention Specialist): “I want health and prosperity in the New Year.”

Ms. Wilma Amaro (science teacher): “I would love better electricity for Pueblo and to rid the world of gun violence.”

Ms. Susie Ugalde-Vazquez (administrative secretary): “I want to pay all of my bills or some perfume.”

Illianna Valenzuela (senior): “I want money for college.”

Isaiah Sotelo (senior): “I want money to buy clothes.”

Eve Woods (senior): “I want a new car.”

Adrian Perez (senior): “I want new shoes.”

Alicia Santa Cruz (sophomore): “I want Gucci shoes, a GMC single cab—all black, leveled, 5% tint, with a pink interior.”

Natalie Salazar (sophomore): “The only thing I want for Christmas are Burberry shoes.”

Christopher Santa Cruz (junior): “I want Melo shoes.”

Haley Tarazon (sophomore): “I want Takis.”

David Hernandez (junior): “I want Yanis shoes.”

Beatriz Villalva (sophomore): “I want money for clothes.”

Virgio Roiles (sophomore): “I want beanies.”

Abelardo Tovar (junior): “I want money for video games.”

Eli Lopez (Business Office Manager): “I want items that will help me with my card collection.”

Jessica Navarrete (senior): “I want a new hat.”

Alexis Rivera (senior): “I want a cow.”

Leo Duarte (senior): “I want lots of Ramen.”

Goya Ruiz (Campus Monitor): “I want a Corvette.”

America Cazares (freshman): “I want new basketball shoes.”

Lariyah Jackson (senior): “I want a kiss from my crush.”

Ms. Meg Tully (Assistant Principal): “I want time with my family and my staff.”

Mr. Miguel Sandoval (Athletic Director): “I want Jordan 4s psg, size 13.”

Paul Lopaur (sophomore): “I want new shoes.”

Brianna Reyna (sophomore): “I want Dutch Bros.”

Nicole Martinez (senior): “I want a new phone.”

Carole Martinez (senior): “I want a bag and two boyfriends.”

Juan Luna (senior): “I want a 2018 RT Ram.”

Leslie Burgos (senior): “I want Jorge.”

Alan Munoz (junior): “I want Pokémon cards.”

Juan Valdez (junior): “I want a girlfriend.”

Luis Ramirez (junior): “I want 100 dollars.”

Andres Chavez (junior): “I want a computer for school.”

Alan Salazar (junior): “I want the Fortnite Battle Pass.”

Ms. Lacey Pratt (yearbook/psychology teacher): “I want my husband to give me free time from my kids.”

Mia Garcia (sophomore): “I want a new necklace.”

Ms. Laura Niverson (language arts teacher): “I want a new puppy.”

Victoria Cazares (senior): “I want money for the Europe trip.”

Ivana Vecerra (sophomore): “I want a new phone.”

Kamila Vazquez (freshman): “I want my family to be happy and new clothes as well.”

Zoey Rosthenhausler (junior): “I want black Nike 270s.”

Annah Gutierrez (junior): “I want makeup, new shoes/dunks, and air pods.”

Amaya Cortez-Guzman (freshman): “I want makeup, lightning McQueen crocs, and fuzzy socks.”

Alandra Montoya (sophomore): “I want new stuffed animals.”

Jazmin Ahumada (senior): “I want Jordan 4s.”

Milo Murphy (freshman): “I want new pencils.”

Mariana Gastelum (sophomore): “I want Jordan shoes.”

Joselynn Madrid (freshman): “I want a new iPhone.”

Ariana Romero (senior): “I want a new ring and a turtle.”

Katherine Durazo (senior): “For Christmas, I want to be healthy.”

Natalia Arteaga (senior): “I want a new puppy and to be with my family for Christmas.”

Esmeralda Macias (senior): “I want a charm for Christmas.”

Brianna Sierra (senior): “I want money for Christmas and more sleep.”

Yulissa Celaya (freshman): “I want new perfume.”

Brianna Portillo (freshman): “I want jewelry.”

Marco Hernandez (freshman): “I want a new phone.”

Nicole Corrales (senior): “I want a Chanel perfume.”

Elian Moreira (senior): “I want a new apple watch.”

Sadie Avalos (senior): “I want cute Uggs.”

Johnny Fuentes (senior): “I want an Apple watch.”

David Medina (senior): “I want Jordan 1’s.”

Favian Moreno (senior): “I want more clothes.”

Isabel Hernandez (senior): “I want money.”

Maria Garcia (senior): “I want shoes.”

Arianna Flores (senior): “I want more money.”

Alessa Lopez (senior): “I want new earbuds and a Waffle House gift card of $20.”

Ximena Arvizu (senior): “I want everyone to be happy.”

Jazmyne Garcia (senior): “I want more makeup.”

Sydney Grandberry (sunior): “I want Air pods.”

Robert Escalante (senior): “I want to go to an NBA game.”

Isaiah Coleman (senior): “I want for Santa to be real.”

Monica Martir (senior): “I want my first car.”

Prisilla Garcia (junior): “I want my mom to be happy.”

Giselle Beltran (sophomore): “I want a car.”

Ms. Karla Martinez (Assistant Principal): “I want students to go to class.”

Dr. Mario Reyes (In-School Intervention teacher): “I want a 2023 Dodge Ram.”

What Warriors Want For Christmas 2021!

Compiled by Advanced Journalism Students

Wish List

Jose Resendez (Senior): I want a MacBook so I can have a new, better-working computer.

Samantha Martinez (Senior): AirPods because they are nice.

Mr. J. Gunnels: I want a new fishing rod so I can fish better.

Ms. Bodanyi: I want a day to myself so I can relax and not worry about my kids.

Mr. Santa-Cruz: I want an inflater so I don’t have to spend any more money on a gas pump. I’ll be doing the job myself!

Victor Cortez (Sophomore): I want a PS5 so I could have a better playing experience.

Sebastian Garcia (Sophomore): I’d love to have a watch because I like fancy accessories, and I want to know the time without asking anyone.

Ms. Lowry: I want to spoil myself and get a Tesla!

David Canez (Senior): I want a skateboard because it would be nice to have and fun to ride around on.

Natalie Trujilo (Junior): I want some pink shoes because they will look good with my outfits.

Victoria Borquez (Freshman): I want Crocs because if you’re not “crocin’”, you’re not rockin’.

Gage Tellez (Sophomore): I want clothes and a set of accessories because I’ve been needing some as well as some comfortable shoes like Crocs.

Mr. Jacquez: I only want one thing for Christmas, and it’s not a thing. I want all my students to be okay.

Gabriel Aguayo (Junior): I want menudo because it’s the best Mexican soup of all time.

Gustavo Valverde (Sophomore): I want a motor for my car so I could boot it up.

Bryan Melendez (freshman): I want brown sugar Pop-Tarts!

Raul Velasquez (Senior): I want a Dead Rose t-shirt because their music goes hard.

Lexi Bermudez (Junior): For Christmas I want a Sketchbook because I need a new one.

Erycka Morales (senior): Anything Harry Styles-related because I love Harry Styles.

Ms. Wallace: Chocolate because it releases dopamine and brings me joy.

Ms. Brown: I want books and anything with Supernatural because I love reading about the Supernatural.

Adelise Buelina (Junior): I want shoes, bracelets, clothing and piercings.

Alexandra Dresser (Junior): Food, socks, and makeup because I need them.

Christopher Jackson (Junior): I want white slip-on Vans because I need new shoes.

Adrian Gonzales (Junior): I want new Nintendo Switch controllers because I need those to play.

Leah Lopez (Senior): Jewelry! I really like it and I’ve been wanting more for a long time.

Arianna Chavez (Sophomore): I really want some new shoes.

Mr. Borland: iPad. I have been wanting one for a while.

Natalia Arteaga (Junior): I want a pig because my boyfriend has a pig and I want one too.

Gyiana Madero (Freshman): I want Snowflakes from Bath and Body because they smell nice and they’re calming.

Jiselle Iadriere (Freshman): I want a pitbull to keep my other dog company.

Jazlynne Fernandez (Freshman): I want sweats because they are comfy.

Mia Rodriguez (Junior): I want clothes because I don’t have enough.

Kaleb Simon (Junior): I want some shoes because they are nice.

Rylie Fernandez (Senior): I want LED lights so I could vibe.

Gladis Miranda (Senior): I want a transmission because mine is messed up.

Soraya Hong (Senior): I want money so I could buy anything I want.

Mya Rosas (Junior): I would really like some new shoes.

Diego Ramirez (Junior): I want a football because I love the sport.

Yael Aganza (Freshman): I want money to go on a shopping spree.

Ms. Ramirez (AVID teacher): A fridge because I need a new one.

Nathalia Gamez (Sophomore): some white blazes because I really want them. Jimmy Quintero (Senior): I would like a new iPhone. Mine is too cracked.

Miguel Morcina (Junior) Some OBJ customized cleats.

Juan Baldenegro (Senior): A new car because mine is getting worn out and makes weird noises.

Celeste Linero (Junior): A house so I could finally move out of Tucson.

Jimmy Mendez (Senior): I want a new hat to add to my collection.

Caitlyn Foster (Sophomore): I want clothes because I like putting outfits together.

Sadie Avalos (Junior): I want makeup because it’s how I express myself.

Carissa Carbajal (Senior): I want a big, soft blanket because all of my blankets are too small.

Isabella Hollcraft (Junior): Snacks because it’s cheap, easy to get, and they’re my favorite.

Esmeralda Macias (Junior): I would love shoes. I’m obsessed with them and they can change the way my outfits look.

Mia Romero (Junior): I want an Ariat Jacket because I get cold and I like the brand.

Yaris Mary Patrida (Senior): What I want for Christmas is to spend time with my family since I don’t live with them, and it’s hard to see them. I miss them.

Emily Sotelo (Senior): I want to spend a day with my dad because I hardly see them.

Jessica Navarrete (Junior): I want more hats because I only have three.

Xitlaly Acuña (Junior): Perfume because I like the smell and I like to smell good.

Maritza Arredono (Freshman): I want better health.

Jose Nogori (Freshman): I want extra money for a steam deck.

Christopher Santa Cruz (Freshman): I want some cool grey 11’s.

Juan Tapia (Freshman): Quiero botas nueva.

Brian Romero (Senior): Quiero un terreno.

Mr. Campbell (Math teacher): I want a router.

Sebastian Marine (Freshman): I want $10.

Karyme Estil (Senior): Shoes – I want some new ones.

Marissa Solis (Senior): I want an apple watch.

Ms. Emma Oetting (Photography teacher): For Christmas, I want a relaxing and enjoyable time with my family.

Mr. Ernesto Somoza (Graphic design teacher): Peace of mind is always what I want for Christmas—especially after this crazy-busy semester. I want to spend some much-needed time with family and friends, eat amazing food and maybe go hiking.

Ms. Lyndsey Bojorquez (AVID teacher): I want silence for Christmas.

Johnny Fuentes (Junior): I want a break from work!

Zaith Medrano (freshman): I want my Chevy Malibu fixed!

Mr. Rana Medhi: I want Florida and Texas to secede from the union. Forever.

Angela Duarte (Junior): I want a raise at work [soccer coach].

Dr. Mario Reyes: I want continued good health for Christmas.

Mr. David Montano (Assistant Principal): I want a $500,000 winning lottery ticket!

Alacard Newell (Freshman): I want Fallout 3: GOTY edition P53. Or, I want $30,000.

Ms. Nora Monge (Campus security): I want a mature black horse.

‘Day Of The Dead’ Comes To Life At Pueblo

By Jose Jovel

On Nov. 2, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) came alive at Pueblo High School—with several artistic and vibrant displays around campus.

One of the most dramatic and spectacular was the one in front of the library; it was difficult to miss because of this display’s vibrant colors and elaborate and meticulous craft.

Ms. Marsha-Jean Burrola, Pueblo’s librarian, began back in September setting up this display—with some help from the Pueblo community.

“To prepare for this display, we used a CCLC [21st Century Community Learning Centers] program called ‘Maker-Con’ to help us set up for this event,” Burrola said.

She added that she had a lot of help from staff and students.

Burrola would like to thank the following for their artistic contributions:

Ms. Patsy Soto and Ms. Armida Martinez, both CCLC employees, helped Burrola with this display. A few students also added their creative touches: freshman Mariana Martinez, senior Vianney Fimbres and senior Esme Rodriguez.

Día de los Muertos is a two-day festival that takes place every Nov. 1 and 2. Although most strongly identified with Mexico, Día de los Muertos is celebrated throughout Latin America and everywhere with a Latino population, including many Southwestern American cities—including Los Angeles, San Diego and here in Tucson.

This event honors the dead with festivals and lively celebrations—a typically Latin American custom that combines indigenous Aztec rituals with Catholicism, brought to the region by Spanish conquistadores hundreds of years ago.

This year, Dia de los Muertos was even more eventful due to the number of COVID-19 related deaths, affecting the Pueblo community with great devastation.

“Many students and members of our Pueblo community have lost relatives and loved ones in the past 18 months,” Burrola said. “Honoring those who have passed during this time [Dia de los Muertos] has been especially heartfelt.”