Who’s Your Crush This Valentine’s Day?

Complied by Emely Villanueva

February is the season of love, and in recent days, El Guerrero asked a few dozen individuals in the Pueblo High School community: Who is your special someone?

Jose Jovel, senior: “Sergio Guterriez Lopez”

Amy Aldama, sophomore: “Mathew Weisbroad”

Mathew Weisbroad, sophomore: “Amy Aldama”

Marisol Carino, senior: “Dylan Mendez”

Dylan Mendez, senior: “Marisol Carino”

Esmeralda Beltran, senior: “I have this crush on a mystery guy”

Fernanda Casillas, senior: “My crush is Miguel Placeres”

Miguel Placeres, senior: “Fernanda Casillas”

Mya Vaughn, senior: “My crush is Valentina Leal”

Valentina Leal, senior: “My crush is Mya Vaughn”

Tatei Lopez, senior: “Nebai Merino”

Alexia Merino, senior: “Juju Ballesteros”

Juju Ballesteros, senior: “Alexia Anari Merino”

Nebai Merino, senior: “Tatei Lopez”

Louisa Serrano, senior: “Ruben Olivares”

Edward Gámez, senor: “My girlfriend”

Gael Ochoa, senior: “My Girl”

Daniel Almeida, junior: “Cami”

Ruben Olivares, senior: “My girlfriend Louisa Serrano”

Brandon Gámez, freshman: “They don’t go here”

David Hernandez, senior: “I don’t have one”

Jr Rascón, freshman: “My girlfriend”

Ryan Rodriguez, junior: “My talking stage”

Nas Martinez, freshman: “Taylor Swift”

Javier Mancera, freshmen: “My girlfriend”

Gabriel Alvarez, sophomore: “My crush is Jojo”

Joel Moreno, senior: “Mario”

Daniella Ojeda, senior: “Frankie”

Malo Anaya, senior: “Dani Ojeda”

Oscar Miranda, junior: “I don’t have one”

Everd Ochoa, freshmen: “I don’t have one”

America Cazares, sophomore: “Shawty Pookie Pookie Bear”

Brianna Portillo, junior: “Pookie Shawty Bear”

Gaddiel “Vez” Chavez, junior: “Bri, Coach Jones and Coach Bullar”

Bobby Levas, junior: Coach Francisco and Ms. Rincon”

Preston Ames, junior: “Ms. Wallace”

Sergio Lopez, senior: “Tara Yummy”

Jonathan Redondo, senior: “My crush is my Girlfriend Xam”

Jessica Palomares, junior: “My boyfriend”

Sofia Larriban, sophomore: “No one”

Priscilla Borquez, senior: “My mommy”

Alexis Vargas, senior: “Jazlynne Fernandez”

Why Do We Love Arizona?

by Dulce Hernandez & Aileen Ortiz

If you’re not much into celebrating the highly commercialized and overrated Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14, perhaps you can show your love and appreciation for Arizona, which was admitted as the 48th state on Feb. 14, 1912.

President Howard Taft signed off on Arizona becoming a state. A month earlier, Arizona’s eastern neighbor, New Mexico, became a state, and at one time, both states were part of the New Mexico Territory.

A lot has changed in the past 112 years since Arizona became the last state in the “Lower 48”. Arizona’s population was just 220,000! Today, Arizona’s population is quickly approaching eight million, nearly 40 times more than in 1912. The population of Phoenix was just 30,000; today, the Phoenix metropolitan population is more than five million. Tucson’s population in 1912 was a mere 22,000; today, more than one million live in Tucson and its metro area.

Arizona’s population of 7.5 million makes The Grand Canyon State the 14th most populated state in America. Phoenix is now the fifth most populated city in the U.S.; Tucson is ranked 33rd in population among American cities. Many Phoenix suburbs are now ranked in the Top 100 U.S. cities, including Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe and Glendale.

But, for most Arizona lovers, it’s not necessarily the cities we love. Here are some comments from the Pueblo High School community:

Sophomore Desiree Noriega said, “I love the one-of-a-kind pink sunsets that we have in Arizona.”

Senior Shenail Arvicio said, “I love the weather.”

Assistant Principal Meg Tully said, “My favorite part of Arizona are the orange sunsets.”

Assistant Principal Ms. Jeniffer Mayerson said, “My favorite thing of Arizona is the long seasons of warm weather.”

Journalism teacher Mr. Rana Medhi said, “Despite Arizona having probably the worst drivers and people with the lowest IQs of anybody in the country, I love the smell of the desert after a rain and rainbows stretching across mountain ranges.”

Junior Yoseline Otakara said, “My favorite part of Arizona is Sedona.”

Junior Emily Flores said, “I love the sky and sunsets.”

Sophomore Kiara Aguilar said, “I love going to the Grand Canyon.”

Angie Valdez said, “I like the mountains.”

Freshman Francisco Ortiz said, “My favorite part of Arizona is the weather.”

Sophomore America Cazares said, “My favorite part of Arizona is the bipolar weather.”

Freshman Priscilla Bella said, “My favorite part of Arizona are the cacti.”

Freshman Ulises Federico said, “My favorite part of Arizona is Phoenix.”

Monitor Josiah Lopez said, “My favorite part of Arizona are the outstanding sceneries.”

Sophomore Dario Felix said, “My favorite part of Arizona is the rain.”

Junior Beatriz Villalba said, “My favorite part of Arizona is the nature.”

Junior Precious Riley said, “I love the sunsets and sunrises.”

Junior Alicia Santa Cruz said, “My favorite part of Arizona is Sedona.”

Journalism guest Ms. Bianca Morales said, “My favorite place in Arizona would be Bisbee, and I love the natural resources Arizona has.”

Senior Jose Jovel, “I really like the scenery and the open roads.”

Junior Alexandra Garcia said, “I love the desert in Arizona.”

Junior Emely Blanchet said, “I love going to the Grand Canyon because it brings me peace.”

Freshman Randy Gallegos said, “Arizona’s climate is perfect to go off roading!”

Who Do You Love Most?, 2024 Edition

by Alyvette Moreno & Kassandra Espinoza

Each February, El Guerrero journalists ask random students/ faculty and staff members to answer the question: “Who do you love the most?” Here is a compilation of responses for 2024:

Sergio Lopez (senior): “Food.”

Jet Fausto (junior): “Myself.”

Marianna Molina (senior): “My mommy.”

Ms. Jeniffer Mayersohn (Assistant Principal): “My baby girl.”

Ms. Karla Martinez (Assistant Principal): “My husband and three kids.”

Nebai Merino (Senior): “My cat.”

Edward Gomez (senior): “My mother”

Kinora Wilson (junior): “My brother.”

Ms. Sarah Sutton (Theater teacher): “Myself, I go first before everyone else.”

Mr. William Hill (English teacher): “My spouse Debbie.”

Ms. Marsha-Jean Burrola (PHS librarian): “Bella (my dog) and my parents.”

Juju Ballesteros (senior): “My girlfriend.”

David Alvarez (freshman): “My dog.”

Natalia Ochoa (senior): “My sister.”

Louisa Serran (senior): “My cat.” Cristian Tellez (senior): “Me, Myself and I.”

Emily Villanueva (senior): “My friends and Mommy.”

Jose Jovel (senior): “My best friend, Serigo Lopez.”

Jonathan Redondo (senior): “My Mommy.”

Klarissa Lopez (senior): “My best friend and boyfriend.”

Daniel Almeiva (senior): “My parents.”

Bianca Inzuza (senior): “My older sister and myself.”

Estevon Osuna (senior): “My dog.”

Isai Soto (senior): “My mom.”

Mr. Josiah Lopez (monitor): “Myself.”

Mr. Esteban Manriquez (Algebra teacher): “My family and my best friend Diego.”

Ms. Martha Avila-Miranda (geometry teacher): “Jesus Christ and my family.”

Andres Gaspar (senior): “The boys.”

Alex Arguelles (senior): “My girlfriend.”

Diego Montijo (junior): “My cat, Cosmo.”

Xavier Valenzuela (senior): “God.

Bringing Love To Pueblo

By Iram Arce

On Friday, January 13, 2017, former Pueblo freshman counselor Mr. Saul Ostroff brought a group of students to our campus from Myers Ganoung Elementary School to express their love and support in regards to the recent vandalism that has plagued our Warrior spirits.

Prior to coming to Pueblo, Ostroff and a group of six elementary school students helped serve food at Casa Maria before bringing custom t-shirts reading “We Love Pueblo” to our campus, in the hopes of enlightening the school’s spirit.

“I was devastated to hear what happened to my old home [Pueblo], so I decided it was only right to bring the love to Pueblo,” Ostroff said.

Ostroff and the elementary kids, ranging from third to fifth-graders, walked into classrooms and yelled, “WE LOVE PUEBLO!” to science teachers—many of whom have lost the ability to teach in their own classes due to the widespread vandalism.

Juan Valdez, a fifth-grader, said, “Pueblo is a good school, and I want to come here when I’m older. I don’t know why people would do such a cruel thing.”

Jasmine Garcia, a fourth-grader said, “This is a really beautiful school, and I will definitely come here one day. It’s not fair that bad people want to make this look like a bad school, because it’s not.”

Third-grader Emily Vazquez said, “I wish that the love that my friends and I feel for Pueblo helps everybody at that great school feel better!”

Pricilla Gonzales, a fourth-grader, said, “We know everyone in this school is going through stressful times, so that’s why we brought love—everyone needs it.”

Who Or What Do You Love?


Compiled by Lauren Ahern and Nayeli Sanchez

In the past few days, Pueblo students and teachers expressed who they love the most in their lives.

Yamilex Garcia (12): “I love my dog because I consider him my best friend. When I get sad, he’s there to comfort me.”

Paula Fierros (10): “I love my family the most because no matter what, they’ll always support me. Even if I make a dumb decision or a wise decision, they’ll always have my back.”

Angelita Delcido (11): “I love the people who I have in my life as well as the opportunities I’m given because of their presence.”

Daniela Moreno (11): “I love a lot of people, but I’d like to acknowledge my dad and sister because they always push me and motivate me to do well in school.”

Ms. Rhesa Olsen, math teacher: “I love my parents for being there for me throughout my life! Oh, and I love my pets—the ones I have now, the ones in my past and the ones in my future. I also love my students. That’s who I love—not necessarily in that order.”

Ms. Tiffany Mendibles, English teacher: “I love the human connection that I share with every individual who is part of my life.”

Angel Faras (12): “I love baseball because it makes me happy.”

Luis Leyva (12): “I love my family because they’re there for me.”

Ana Verdugo (12): “I love Avae because she’s funny.”

Tais Jimenez (12): “I love my family, friends and pizza.”

Paola Vargas (12): “I love my friends, family and myself.”

Josselyn Rivera (12): “I love my family, friends and Dad.”

Roger Ruiz (12): “I love my family the most.”

Kimberly Gracia (12): “I love my mom, dogs and my boyfriend.”

Yazdel Enriquez (12): “I love Fernanda.”

Sara Noriego (12): “I love my family because they support me and my crazy ideas. I feel like they accept me just the way I am. I also love Joaquin, my boyfriend for more than a year, because he brings out the best in me.”

What Is Love?


By Lauren Ahern and Nayeli Sanchez

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Pueblo’s teachers and students expressed their true definition of love.

Ms. Rhesa Olsen, math teacher: “Love is treating that person the way you want to be treated.”

Ms. Tiffany Mendibles, English teacher: “Love is unconditional, and it’s genuine. It is undeniable because we are human beings and have the ability to love.”

Ms. Sharett Brown, English teacher: “Love is not love, which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove.

Nayeli Sanchez (12): “Love is when you can’t stop thinking about someone who makes you laugh like crazy and smile until your cheeks hurt.”

Angelita Delcido (11): “Love is a mutual respect that two people have for each other being both physically and emotionally.”

Myriam Navarro (12): “Love is being able to be completely yourself in front of someone who appreciates you even for your flaws.”

Isaias Lucero (12): “God is love.”

Tais Jimenez (12): “Love to me is when you care about someone more than yourself.”

Josselyn Rivera (12): “Love is a relationship you don’t want to forget.”

Roger Ruiz (12): “Love is someone who matters a lot and is always there.”

Kimberly Gracia (12): “I think that love is when I love someone more than myself.”

Yazdel Enriquez (12): “Love to me is caring about someone that makes you laugh and smile.”

Ana Verdugo (12): “Love is totally about being comfortable with a special person.”