Who Do You Love Most?, 2024 Edition

by Alyvette Moreno & Kassandra Espinoza

Each February, El Guerrero journalists ask random students/ faculty and staff members to answer the question: “Who do you love the most?” Here is a compilation of responses for 2024:

Sergio Lopez (senior): “Food.”

Jet Fausto (junior): “Myself.”

Marianna Molina (senior): “My mommy.”

Ms. Jeniffer Mayersohn (Assistant Principal): “My baby girl.”

Ms. Karla Martinez (Assistant Principal): “My husband and three kids.”

Nebai Merino (Senior): “My cat.”

Edward Gomez (senior): “My mother”

Kinora Wilson (junior): “My brother.”

Ms. Sarah Sutton (Theater teacher): “Myself, I go first before everyone else.”

Mr. William Hill (English teacher): “My spouse Debbie.”

Ms. Marsha-Jean Burrola (PHS librarian): “Bella (my dog) and my parents.”

Juju Ballesteros (senior): “My girlfriend.”

David Alvarez (freshman): “My dog.”

Natalia Ochoa (senior): “My sister.”

Louisa Serran (senior): “My cat.” Cristian Tellez (senior): “Me, Myself and I.”

Emily Villanueva (senior): “My friends and Mommy.”

Jose Jovel (senior): “My best friend, Serigo Lopez.”

Jonathan Redondo (senior): “My Mommy.”

Klarissa Lopez (senior): “My best friend and boyfriend.”

Daniel Almeiva (senior): “My parents.”

Bianca Inzuza (senior): “My older sister and myself.”

Estevon Osuna (senior): “My dog.”

Isai Soto (senior): “My mom.”

Mr. Josiah Lopez (monitor): “Myself.”

Mr. Esteban Manriquez (Algebra teacher): “My family and my best friend Diego.”

Ms. Martha Avila-Miranda (geometry teacher): “Jesus Christ and my family.”

Andres Gaspar (senior): “The boys.”

Alex Arguelles (senior): “My girlfriend.”

Diego Montijo (junior): “My cat, Cosmo.”

Xavier Valenzuela (senior): “God.

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