Pueblo Community Makes New Year’s Resolutions For 2024

Compiled by Alyvette Moreno & Jenna Twaje

The New Year is upon us, as is the Chinese New Year (the Year of the Dragon!) on Feb. 10. There’s a lot to look forward to in ’24 including a Leap Year Day (Feb. 29), presidential primaries and the big election in November, the Summer Olympics and of course graduation day on May 23.

Every year, the Pueblo Community makes resolutions to better their lives. Here is a compilation of some of them:

Edward Gomez (senior): “I hope to commit to a sturdy career plan after high school.”

Alexis Campbell (counselor): “To exercise and spend more time with family.”

Dominic Arambula (freshman): “To lose more weight.”

Jose Alvarez (counselor): “Go camping once and return to hiking frequently.”

Cristain Portillo (senior): “To graduate this May!”

Nebai Merino (senior): “Invest in myself and my future.”

Tati Lopez (senior): “Be open to everything.”

Annluise Santos (senior): “Put myself first.”

Ms. Karla Martinez (Assistant Principal): “To say ‘I love you’ and ‘Thank you’ more often.”

Ms. Jeniffer Mayersohn (Assistant Principal): “To be a better person.”

Jasel Siliva (senior): “To draw more.”

Ruby Avyote (freshmen): “To not have too many absences.”

Mr. Simon Arrola (PHS Dean): “To make sure all my family members are safe and happy.”

Mr. Toby Manthai (social worker): “Spend less money and save more.”

Ricardo Alvarez (senior): “To learn more music theory.”

Ruben Arambula (junior): “To try harder in school.”

Mr. Rana Medhi (journalism teacher): “To commit to retirement—and to mean it this time!”

Kimora Wilson (junior): “I want to eat healthier.”

Adriell Salazar (sophomore): “To focus on my classes.”

Leodardo Santa Maria (junior): “To go to the gym more.”

Dr. Rosaria Hutchings: “Exercise more.”

Baiza Medeina (junior): “To work on myself.”

Juliana Baeverien (junior): “To better my health and myself.”

Mr. William Hill (English teacher): “To get more physically fit.”

Juju Ballesteros (senior): “To earn more money.”

Rodrigo Arcocha (freshman): “To earn straight A’s.”

Miriam Rivera (senior): “To actually show up to school every day.”

Andrew Chagolla (senior): “I want to try to enjoy life more.”

Giancarlo Jaimes (sophomore): “To earn better grades than last year.”

Thomas Almeida (junior): “To get my money up.”

Ylisses Ortega (freshman): “To stop saying the ‘N’ word.”

Lourdes Mendez (senior): “To save up money for a car.”

Ms. Marsha-Jean Burrola (PHS librarian): “To throw away extra items that I don’t need.”

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