Ms. Hancock Feeling ‘At Home’ At Pueblo

by Jose Nagore & Julian Tellez

Kalen Hancock

Coming all the way from Tennessee, Ms. Kalen Hancock has joined the Pueblo faculty family as the new science teacher, replacing former teacher Ms. Melissa Espindola who left last spring to pursue another college degree in Chicago, Ill.

Hancock’s classroom, Room 166, may be isolated from most of the other science classes, but she admitted she has felt “an extraordinary” community feel from PHS students and teachers.

“Moving to Pueblo truly felt refreshing,” Hancock. “I love seeing new people and moving into new places. It makes life more exciting. Everybody has been so welcoming to me from the very beginning.”

Hancock earned a degree in social engineering and chemistry, which she said will benefit her students and will support her endeavors as an educator.

“Being at Pueblo this year feels like being a young teacher again,” she said. “I have a lot to teach students here.”

Hancock said that she is proud to report that she has not dealt with any negative student behaviors.

“It’s been nothing but fun so far,” she said. “I have a positive learning environment, and I believe that this trend is going to continue throughout the school year.”

She added, “I love this school’s culture! Everybody is kind, and I just love how immersive the culture is between students and teachers.”

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