New Business Officer Manger…New Coat Of Paint

By Natalie Salazar

Mr. Eli Lopez (standing) with Alicia Santa Cruz.

Students were greeted this school year to several projects—either in the making or completed. One of the most needed was a new paint job at Pueblo’s Business Office.

The idea of repainting this space has “been in the making” for a few years, but the project wasn’t completed until July.

Mr. Eli Lopez, Pueblo’s new Business Office manager, said that the previous manager, Ms. Melina Montiel, had proposed the idea, but the job was not completed until three months ago.

Lopez said, “The compliments of the new paint job have been incredible. This was a project long overdue.”

With the help of a student, sophomore Alicia Santa Cruz [now a junior], who was working with Lopez and the front office at Pueblo High School during the summer, the project was finally completed.

“Painting was a two-person job,” Santa Cruz said, “and it was fun working with Mr. Lopez. In the end, I feel proud that I’m leaving a legacy of my hard work. Every time I walk past the Business Office, I am happy to have been part of making Pueblo shine a little brighter.”

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