Pueblo Administration Closes Hallway, Now Reopened

By Alyvette Moreno & Jenna Twaje

As Pueblo High School students walked the halls and climbed the stairs near the end of the first quarter, they were met with an unexpected block on their treks to classes.

The main hallway and stairways leading to it were closed and stayed closed until the end of the quarter. PHS administrators had been considering this idea for a while due in part to some of the violent, chaotic events at Cholla and Tucson High.

One day after second lunch ended, a “mob” started with students throwing water bottles around. Admin then decided to implement the closure of the main entrance.

“It [discipline problems] was [were] becoming a real safety concern,” said Principal Frank Rosthenhausler.

For some monitors, the closure made their jobs more challenging with students trying to sneak into the main hallway from the main entrance doors.

Security monitor Ms. Nellie Rivera said, “If the kids didn’t throw water bottles, then the hallway wouldn’t be shut down. Students suffer with the consequences of their bad actions.”

Mr. Simon Arriola, PHS’s Dean of Students, said, “The closure is only effective if the students realize they should not throw water bottles at each other.”

Many students had negative opinions on the hallway closing.

“It honestly sucked, and I didn’t like going around, I was late to all my classes,” said Kaz Detwiler, a sophomore.

Malo Anaya, a senior, believes admin’s decision wasn’t effective. “I think way more people were hanging out upstairs or on the stairs.”

Rosthenhausler said he didn’t like closing the hallways but said, “It was effective in removing what I thought was a dangerous situation.”

After a week of fall break, students were welcomed to the main hall and stairs being opened again.

A majority of PHS students took this return to normalcy positively.

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