Pueblo’s Christmas 2023 Wishlist

Compiled by Ariana Garcia and Leia Ortega

Each holiday season, El Guerrero journalists ask random students/faculty and staff to answer the question: What do you want for Christmas this year? Here is the list for Christmas ’23:

Ana Cubillas, senior: “I want a car to drive every day.”

Manny Rivera, senior: “I would love a Spider Man 2 and GTA 6.”

Fabian Lopez, senior: “All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth.”

Israel Valencia, junior: “I really would like to have 3Ds with Pokemon X.”

Marc Anthony Escobedo, senior: “Love to have some Chick-Fil-A and straight A’s.”

Kendahl McCarthy, sophomore: “Some new sewing needles would be great!”

Jorge Parra, junior: “I’d love a huge hug.”

Mouse Saenz, sophomore: “I’d love to have some crochet yarn and maybe some different sized hooks.”

Marsha Jean Burrola, PHS librarian: “I would love to have those two scratches on my car to be fixed.”

Prisilla Garcia, senior: “I’d love to live in a mansion.”

Jorge Ramirez, senior: “A partridge in a pear tree.”

Azul Frias, sophomore: “I’d love to have some ‘Hello Kitty’ pajama pants.”

Antonia Calvillo, senior: “I want a blanket that can cover seven people.”

Bryan Melendez, junior: “I want a new jacket and socks.”

Mr. Rana Medhi, journalism teacher: “I want Santa Claus to shave his beard; hairy people scary me.”

Brisa Bautista, senior: “I want a hippopotamus.”

Josette Moreno, freshman: “I really want some Lego flowers or gift cards.”

Francesca Duran, senior: “For Christmas, I really want a stuffed black bear.”

Ms. Gonzalez, teacher: “I’d like any gift my partner gives me because they are always super thoughtful.”

Linkon Carillo, sophomore: “I’d love to have ‘Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom’.”

Dylan Mendez, senior: “I want a 10-piece McNuggets meal!”

Kaz Detwiler, sophomore: “I really need a new sketchbook and new art supplies.”

Daisy Talavera: “Money, clothes, a Stanley cup and a new iphone case.”

Adelina Grijalva: “I’d love to have some Legos and new airpods.”

Jazlynne Fernandez: “Levi jean—specifically 501’s—would be awesome!”

Oscar Miranda: “I’d really like to see our JV basketball team to win a game.”

Paola Salazar: “I want a Kevin Alvarez jersey.”

Frida Bustamante: “For Christmas, I’d like to have some new makeup, books and shoes.”

Xristan Berry: “I want LED light strips.”

Desiree Noriega, sophomore: “I want a new Ariat jacket.”

Gaddiel “Vez” Chavez: “I’d love some Nike red championship ‘Dunks’.”

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