Shoes & Glasses Available For Students

Kenya Acosta El Guerrero Pueblo

By Kenya Acosta

Attention Pueblo Students, if you are in need of glasses or any shoes, please contact Nurse Kate Straub, who has been helping our Warriors for eight years.

Shoes Sketch By Sela MSome of the sponsors for providing students with free eyeglasses and shoes are as follows: the Educational Enrichment Foundation; Focus on Vision; and the Lion’s Club. Last year, Straub provided 38 kids with glasses and helped 21 with a brand new pair of shoes.

“I promise that anyone who needs [to wear] glasses or shoes will not leave without them,” said Straub.

All Pueblo students are eligible, no matter the legal status or home income. Take advantage of Pueblo’s great opportunity. The process is very minimal, Straub assured, and if you are in need of glasses and/or shoes, please see her at your earliest convenience.